Charles Torello

Trying to find my way home

Trying to find my way home

I ain’t got life figured out.

But that’s ok. I know what it means to be alive. The chances were greater that I would not exist.

But I do exist. Thus, I’m grateful. Does the gratitude to be alive fill me with joy for all times and seasons? Of course not. There is hurt. There is worse. Nonetheless, I am here.

What a man does with the time God gives him is dependent upon his own free will. That’s God’s greatest gift. I don’t want to screw that up, and though I do all the time, I know that’s what grace is for. That’s what Christ is for.

Of course there are billions of souls on earth. Everyone has notions of how the world is, and how it’s supposed to be. I’m no different. So why would I write controversial opinions on how things should be that could potentially harm my future in this unerasable world dominated by Big Tech?

One day I’ll be gone from this world, and I wonder how I’ll be remembered. I can’t control that, but, I can control my actions now. I can control my words now. In this world where I’ve seen insanities I thought I’d not see in this lifetime, and expect to see more, the fear of doing nothing to change things for the better is ever before my eyes.

Do I expect my words on this blog to change things? That’s for God to decide. But it will change me, and that’s one small thing I can do in this lost and broken world as I try to find my way home.

I may deeply regret keeping this blog.

But I may not.

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