“People and their conspiracy theories… they really believe them!”

So mocked the man.

“Conspiracy theory” is used to mock ideas contrary to the mainstream narrative propagated by Mass Media and Big Tech. It astounds me that there are still so many millions doing this. It astounds me they don’t step back and wonder if this trillion dollar information infrastructure is telling the truth.

But here is not for discussing finer points of 911 or Covid-19. This post is for those who know lies are an inextricable part of mainstream narratives.

This post is for those who know “conspiracy theory” is invoked to suppress discussion by dismissing alternative understandings as fundamentally ridiculous. Those who invoke the term are trying to avoid questioning their often unconscious understandings. That’s because, ultimately, they know those understandings are superficial. They put forth no effort to cultivate them themselves. They just watched TV. They saw a meme. They questioned nothing. Thus, they fear open discussion.

This is not to be respected. In the 1990’s, as more information became available through the internet, I noticed a surge in the use of term “conspiracy theory”. It was powerful then. Countless conversations were ended by those not wanting to partake in a discussion questioning the official narrative.

Read this in the summer of ’96. Never could see television the same again. The book is a fascinating reevaluation of the history we are taught in government schools. It also teaches fundamental concepts of economic and political freedom so readers can see how far from these ideals we are as country, especially in 2021.

But now is the 2021. People must grow up. It is only righteous to question – though “contemn” may be better – understandings based entirely on narratives propagated by Big Tech and Mass Media. It is only righteous to stand your ground in the face of one who wishes to dismiss alternate understandings as being “conspiracy theory”. You are not the fool for your alternate understandings. They are for automatically dismissing them. They are the fools for thinking this massive information infrastructure, that undeniably controls the understandings of hundreds of millions across the world, exists to disseminate truth, and not lies that control populations.

I’m not saying get into heated arguments and fist fights. Not at all. But stand your ground. Remember, many millions of those who use this term are intellectual children. Their scorn is a defense mechanism. It’s like a child sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, “la, la, la, la…” They are afraid to listen.

And perhaps they won’t listen. So be it. But stand your ground. Stand on dignity. Their dismissals, their smugness, their scorn is to make you feel stupid for alternate understandings.

And maybe sometimes your alternate understandings are stupid. But, your dignity is redeemed for open discussion, which is what the scorner generally never wants. You have every right to think as an individual. You have every right to question or reject the mainstream narrative.

Unfortunately, the cultural inertia generated from believing Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw is still strong. That’s why the brainwashed feel so vindicated in ending discussions by throwing out the term. For so long it worked. Let it work no more. Do your part to end this insanity.

Yes, insanity. It is bordering on insanity to believe everything the voices coming from electric boxes say. You don’t know those people. You don’t know their agendas. You don’t know the hierarchy they work for. Far better to question and reject it than believe it.

So do your part to end it. Stand your ground. Defy the narrative brainwashed minions are propagating by believing propaganda. Maybe you won’t change the world. But you’ll change you.