A certain restaurant in Sedona is, once again, requiring employees to wear masks. Thus, some customers are now too. I can’t help but to shake my head and mutter under my breath with the same exasperation for this stupidity as I have since day one.

I can’t help but to wonder how compliant everyone will be the next time around. And that time is coming! I pay very little attention to Mass Media or Alternate Media, but I can feel the fear promotion for the “delta variant” – whatever the holy hell that is. I see lockdowns in Australia. I see Satanic vaccine passports in Italy. I see companies like Facebook and Google and countless others forcing the experimental jab on their employees. Of course the bastards won’t let up!

Covid protocols are arguably the most mind and soul changing measures the world has ever seen. What has changed humanity more? What has changed the understanding of normal behavior more? Seriously, complete strangers on television can say “Mask up again!” and countless millions will do it on command. That is power!

Is this for benevolence? You could never convince me of this! Oh, they say, “It’s for your protection.” But fundamental to protection is control. You must control someone’s actions to protect them. I can only believe the real objective is control. The government wants to control me because it cares about me? Hah! Thou fool!

How so many don’t think in these terms is beyond me. How so many are willing to let their individuality be regulated out of existence is beyond me.

But perhaps they don’t have individuality. Maybe they just pick prefabricated personalities to project because they’ve doused that spark, that fire, of uniqueness their soul is supposed to show the world. Of course this has been so before Covid. But now it’s at an all time high. It’s pure cowardice. It’s Cultural Marxism. It’s Satanic. It’s… words fail me here.

I’m probably rambling now. But this docile, insouciant compliance is the most baffling phenomena I’ve observed in my 44 years of life. And the turning of humanity into NPC’s will only get worse.

I hate it. I am supposed to hate it. I will continue hating it.