In the previous post I established a definition of liberalism, which I admit may not be perfect, but nonetheless declared it a destructive and authoritarian philosophy. I didn’t argue its authoritarian nature extensively – though I certainly can – because that’s not the point of these posts.

The point is to develop the argument that there is growing evil and insanity establishing itself within the collective liberal doctrine. Yes, one could argue such has been so for decades, especially with abortion. And I’m agreeing. But, a recent book I read by a man named Mark Dice called Liberalism: Find a Cure got my mind thinking in a new direction. Dice makes clear, with literally hundreds of examples, exactly how liberalism is becoming an ideology fomenting almost literal mental illness within those who subscribe to it.

I’m not saying that’s so for all. I’m not. Those would declare as evil or insane all those who profess modern liberalism are probably engaging in evil themselves. Such thinking is ridiculously reactionary. It’s exactly what the Orwellian population masters want. The new strain of the liberal pathogen hasn’t reached pandemic proportions – yet.

But it’s getting there. The seeds are being planted. 2 + 2 does not equal 5. And that Orwellian reference can apply to many aspects of modern liberalism.

One aspect is that only white people can be racist. Dice’s chapter three called Anti-White Racism addresses this. To this notion he, like I, call BULLCRAP. All races can be racist. Hatred is hatred. It’s a part of all humanity, regardless of skin color. It blinds us all. It disposes us all to commit evil by dehumanizing the one we hate. And I would also point out that declaring whites as universally guilty of racism, is racist itself, because it is to say whites have hatred within them at the genetic level.

The truth is that the vast majority of white people are not evil, and desire to have blacks in a subordinated status. I don’t know a single white person who believes this. I’m not denying such hateful people exist. But only those who watch way too much television think this is a real problem in 21st century America.

Another truth is that there are plenty of people of color who hate whites because of their skin color. Hell, there are whites condemning themselves for their skin color now, and this open and growing hatred segways into my charge of evil. There are certainly other aspects of the evolution of liberalism that evince evil, particularly the LGBQTXYZ degenerates’ efforts to go after children, and many of their open avowals to destroy the nuclear family. However, I chose anti-white racism because it perfectly evinces a wanton hypocrisy that only promotes evil.

Such thinking makes liberals who profess this total hypocrites, and a hypocrite is one of the worst types of people. They’re a liar, yes. But not all liars do the exact opposite of what their lies say. Hypocrites do. And that’s why they’re below liars. And someone who professes hatred to be in the hearts of an entire group of people because of their skin color, all the while said professor is really the one who hate others for their skin color, is a hypocrite whose words have no place in society evolved beyond the tribalism of Caananites.

And, again, I’m not saying this illustrates the mental processes of a majority of people who vote Democrat. And I’m not saying this illustrates mental processes of all people of color. Not at all. But this evil should be articulated, and pointed out, so all of us can have a better conception of wrong ideas that are being tacitly or subconsciously embraced. There’s nothing wrong with what I’m saying being part of a national conversation, which of course the liberal media doesn’t want.

So let me dive into an example from Dice’s book. Chapter three’s filled with them.

For starters, ‘A New York Times Op-Ed recently written by a black woman asked, “Can My Children Be Friends with White People?” and went on to detail her reasons for teaching them they should avoid white people. “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible,” she said… “I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust…”’ (1)

Can you imagine if a white person said this about black people, and the New York Times published it? They would make it a firestorm. They would point to it endlessly as unequivocal evidence that white America hates black America, and do everything possible to inflame the situation, and promote hatred.

Is there still racial tension in America? Sure. People do tend to associate with those they are most like, and of course note differences of others. Those differences can produce tension, and perhaps always will. But observing differences is not sewing hatred in your heart. Tension is not hatred either. I think most know how to get along. The hatred’s not there like it used to be, though the media would have you believe otherwise. That’s why the media’s so dependent on fake hate crimes, like Jessie Smollet’s and Bubba Wallace’s shenanigans, among many more I could easily enumerate.

And you know what? I can forgive seeds of hatred sewn within those who don’t have the time and energy to think for themselves. I can forgive those who believe the media’s promotion of hatred, because we’re supposed to be forgiving of wrongness and sin. That’s what Jesus would do.

At the same time, there does come a point where you as a human being, regardless of skin color, regardless of your upbringing, have the obligation to know right from wrong, and separate truth from lies. There does come a point where you, as an adult, must know the fruits of your ideologies and culture. You have to know the truth.

And one truth is that evil condemns exactly what it itself is doing – like when you watch CNN. Everything that those whores say their opposition is doing is what their side is doing. Division or hatred or insurrection – that’s the Left! And the more people mindlessly accept that certain groups, based on skin color, or religion, or ideology, can be vilified, the more they are openly embracing evil.

I’ll continue developing this reasoning with more examples in the next post. But before ending I wish, once again, to say that I am explicitly stating that I do not believe those who call themselves liberals have totally bought into the evil hypocrisy promoted by top Orwellians redefining liberalism into a doctrine of madness.

But they are redefining it. And they want everyone to believe it. And they want to make life more and more painful for those who reject their villainy.

And the cold hard truth is that they are going after the children. And they are going after families. And they are trying to destroy American freedom and create a New World Order. And you can get an idea of that new order by reading George Orwell’s 1984.

But we’ll continue this in the next post…


  1. Liberalism: Find a Cure by Mark Dice. Page 85. Copyright 2018. Published by The Resistance Manifesto, San Diego, California. ISBN: 978-1-943591-04-6.