I don’t expect anyone to wait on the edge of their seats to see Tik Tok videos from me. Nonetheless, the writing of TikTok scripts have taken not just a little bit of my time, and, well, I feel like sharing some them on a blog.

Now, for those who don’t know, Tik Tok is not radically new technology. It’s basically videos. However, it’s a platform where people go for short videos, or short clips of longer videos, that feeds one video after another, after another, so on and so forth, until you’ve pissed away an hour looking at girls showing off their bodies, or people dancing, or farting, or whatever.

Truly, much of TikTok is the stuff of Idiocracy. It compels people to do idiotic stuff, en masse, for likes on social media. I see its highly addictive nature, and parents who let their kids get hooked on this platform need a spanking.

However, some of the most hysterical things I’ve ever seen in life have been on TikTok. Plus, I like videos of cute doggies and horses, or women screaming because their husbands scared them, or people making satirical political comments that are 100% poignant.

The fact is that not all of TikTok is trash. Sometimes I see clips of Thomas Sowell, Joe Rogan, Dan Pena, Jordan Peterson or whoever saying fascinating or motivating things. Like television, the potential of this medium is gigantic, and it could be used for something good (at least before the bastards censor everything as on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Thus, my mind races.

The number of readers of this blog is certainly not an indication that I’m saying particularly good stuff. However, I do know how to make people listen to me in person. I can command attention. So, why not utilize the added power of visual media to say things I wish to say? To teach things I wish to teach? And why not do this in short bursts of thirty seconds to two minutes, knowing that people’s attention spans can’t take much more?

Why not?

And the first things that come to my mind are things I used to love to say on tours through Northern Arizona. People’s knowledge of topography, geography and geology is virtually nonexistent. They don’t know what a river system is. They don’t know that the continental divide is. They don’t know the difference between the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau.

Not knowing these things doesn’t reflect a lack of intelligence. Not at all. People, generally, were never taught to think about the land. But land is fascinating. Trust me.

Or how about quotes from books that spellbind me? If they spellbind me, they could spellbind you. Seriously, there is gold in the words of some of the many books I read that no one else does. Pure gold.

There’s pure gold in the Bible too.

So, why not try?

However, time will tell what becomes of this…