Look, I can only imagine the hell of war. It’s blood and body parts rotting around you. It’s terror and death. It’s hell. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Thus, I’m not saying it’s good that the blood of Ukrainians be shed upon Ukrainian soil by Russian weapons. I’m not saying it’s good that the people of Ukraine live in terror of a missile hitting their house. I’m not saying Putin was right to invade. I’m not. The truth is my stomach sank when I saw the war begin, as I fear it will only lead to darker things in this world accelerating into insanity.

I feel I must say the preceding paragraph because idiots and malevolents would misinterpret my below words as saying the opposite. I’M NOT.

But, good gosh, “I stand with Ukraine” has irritated me. Maybe it shouldn’t. But maybe it should, and I’m going to address some of the stupidity behind these words right now.

First of all, what does “standing with Ukraine” even mean? You’re not fighting for them. You’re not giving money for the resistance. None of your actions in the United States redounds in any way to the people of Ukraine.

So what does it mean? Essentially, it means, “I see Russia as the bad guy and Ukraine as the good guy.” Consequently, it also means, “I support denunciations of Russia’s aggression coming from the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and NATO.” You can say this interpretation is wrong, but I don’t think it is.

This narrative is blasted everywhere in America that this war is an unprovoked and heinous war of aggression. It’s portraying Putin as a monster who wants to bring back the Soviet Union. It’s making the less critically-minded think that something must be done, like intervention. Thus, when you say you stand with Ukraine, you are bolstering this anti-Putin and anti-Russian narrative that, unequivocally could be used to ignite not just another Cold War but actual Hot War with Russia.

Do you want to fight Russia? Do you want to go to the other side of the world and kill people who did nothing to you? Do you do you want to get involved in a conflict you probably know next to nothing about?

Seriously, how much do you know about this war on the other side of the world? Do you know anything of Russian history? Do you know anything of Ukrainian history? Do you know anything about what the West did to Russia in the 90’s? Do you know anything about NATO expansion eastward over the past thirty years? Do you know about the Nordstream pipelines underneath the Baltic? Do you know ANYTHING about the geopolitical situation that has been unfolding in Eastern Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union?

There’s a thousand other questions I could ask to those who say they “I support Ukraine” yet know virtually nothing about that part of the world. So why are they bloody saying it?

Look, I’m not saying I know the answers to all these questions. I’m no expert on geopolitical calculations involving soldiers, weapons, pipelines, oil, gas, currencies and other commodities on the other side of the world. I’m no expert on virtually anything that goes into understanding this war. I spend most of my time focusing on other things.

And that’s the point! You only say you stand with Ukraine because of the way this war is portrayed through the mainstream of information, and the evil people who control this information are not to be trusted! No! No! No!

These are the people who, in the past two years alone, brought us lockdowns, forced masking, forced vaxxing, vaxx passports and most likely the virus itself. The used fear, intimidation, coercion, fraud, villainy and depravity to radically change American society, AND YOU ARE STILL GOING TO BELIEVE? Are you?

Well, that’s what you’re doing when you say “I stand with Ukraine.” You are legitimizing the mainstream narrative concocted by people who have no honor or integrity in anything they do or say. If there is one thing you should have learned in the past two years – and I say well before that – it’s that none of those who hold power over society have good intentions or should be trusted. NONE.

The hysteria manufactured over this tragic war, which I personally believe was manufactured by both sides, can only lead to escalation of tensions, which can lead to only God knows what. This should be so clear to any adult. It should frighten us all.

But Americans will be Americans. They will hate whom they’re told to hate. The will love whom they’re told to love. They will advocate any cause they’re told to advocate, and find in such a sense of virtue for being on the side of right against the bad, even though they have no clue as to who the bad guy really is.

In ending this I will again say I am quite ignorant about all the factors that led Putin to start a war. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to believe the narrative of scoundrels and murderers, and take up the banners they tell me to take up.

I’m shocked by seeing this. I shouldn’t be after all these years, but I am.

FEATURED IMAGE OF UKRAINIAN FLAG FROM: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Ukraine.svg