It may seem ridiculous that I’d post a blog on every single day of my travels. What could possibly be interesting every day? And, don’t I have a life? Am I only traveling to make social media posts?

Yeah, yeah…

One, the fact is that I enjoy writing. One day I will read these posts again, and enjoy them.

Two, these posts don’t take that long to write.

Three, what the hell else am I going to do during my down time? I don’t drink. I don’t smoke dope. I don’t have internet. I don’t have movies. Essentially, I go back and for the between staring, reading, typing and solitaire.

But whatever…

Anyway, this Sunday morning I was going to go to a church in Mariposa, but I slept in, and got delayed, and thus typed, and cleaned, and… I don’t even remember.

At noon I went into town to research my next target, which is Lassen Volcanic National Park. The fact that I don’t have a van to sleep in wherever I wish, and that I hate driving more than 4 hours, means that I want campsites already on my radar so, at day’s end, when I’m most sick of driving, I’m not driving all over Creation to find one. I already know.

It’s not that I love camping so much. Trust me, I love motel rooms, and can afford them. But, I want to see how frugally I can travel. It’s like a game, and the fact is I sleep better outside than in a motel. I do. So whatever discomforts of camping I experience don’t matter, especially considering the hundred-plus dollars I save by not getting a motel can go towards a day or two or three in which I do want one, and I’m still on my budget.

However, at Mariposa I did no camping research. I got caught up in typing stuff, and then the coffee shop closed, and I didn’t have internet access… well, I did on my phone, but I hate researching on my phone. It gives me a headache.

So, I figured I’d come into town in the morning, and research Lassen camping, and research Campendium which displays free camping across America, and calculate a plan for advance.

Thereafter went to the grocery store and bought sauerkraut, steak, avocados, apples, and who cares…

Went back to camp and got out my cot. Had been sleeping on the ground in my hiking tent, which, with two mats under my back was quite comfortable. However, I wanted to sleep under the stars. I may be doing this henceforth, as I HATE setting up tents. Just a cot may be just fine. Five minutes to set up.

The amount of satellites I saw last night was unreal. God only knows what’s out there.

No UFO’s. Though I’ve heard Crater Lake is renowned for them…