The wind blew during the night. Had to put on a jacket. Other than that slept wonderfully. Sleeping in the open air can be so physically and psychologically refreshing.

Got up at 5:15. Made coffee. Played more of those addicting games on my phone, like Woodoku. Dammit.

Left camp by 7. Headed towards Walmart to get butane, coffee and clippers. Have clippers at home, but didn’t bring them. Found a $10 pair, and now I can shave. Seriously, if I don’t shave for a week, a razor is impossible. I hate shaving and I hate having a beard.

After that headed towards Lassen Volcanic National Park, to the east of Red Bluff. I knew that the snow-capped mountains I spotted from afar on the way north on Monday was the centerpiece of Lassen. I knew I’d be going up in elevation, and that things would get cooler. However, at like 4,000′ it was a thriving forest. At 6,000′ there was still snow on the ground. Had no idea this part of California was still getting into the 30’s at night. Many of the touristy stuff was still closed for the season. Apparently, everything opens up Memorial Day weekend. The campsite I was intending to stay at was closed.

Oh well. Maybe in the park.

The road was a pain. Flaggers directed traffic for the logging going on there. A huge fire tore through Lassen last year, and did damage they will be clearing out for years. I’d noticed that on the website a road was closed…

But I didn’t think that meant the entire road through the park. Yup. You can hike, but you can’t drive. My fault entirely. I spent 1:15 hours to get there, and turned right back around because my only potential accommodation was my car, and, well, I was ready to head the Oregon coast. I’ve been in snowy, scenic mountains before.

Headed back to Red Bluff. Took I-5 north to Redding. Snow-capped Mount Shasta loomed in the northern horizon. I was tempted to drive towards it, and assess its size with my eyes, but, I’ve been in snowy, scenic mountains before.

Took CH 299 towards Eureka. Here it passes through several national forests, all of which have experienced fires. It’s depressing to see how fire destroys California.

Drove along Trinity River. Pretty. But wanted the coast.

Got within cell phone range. Called a state park. They were booked solid. All parks booked because of upcoming Memorial Day. Had no idea this holiday was coming.

The park woman told me to try Clam Bay, which is a Humboldt County park. Drove right to it. Though the spots aren’t great, they sufficed. $25 to set up a tent. Fine. Trying to save money.

The driving whipped my butt. Set up my tent and chilled in car. Talked to a friend in Uvalde County about the Uvalde shooting. The whores in media will use this to advocate de-arming peaceful Americans, under the guise of preserving life, even though these whores don’t care about life at all. They care about their power. They care about their order. Nothing more.

As that same friend said…

As distasteful as it is to be forced to engage in these political debates while so many families are grieving, we must not allow the left to go unchallenged-…ever. Their true goal is not to protect children, but to disarm their political opposition!

To permit the disarming of honest, patriotic, non-criminal Americans is to open our nation to the whims of mentally unstable madmen who may do much more than attack an elementary school. They will do as all tyrants throughout history have done, by systematically eliminating their unarmed opposition using the force of their own arms.

Walked for 1:45 hours along beach. The wind howled. The air was cold. Had no idea how cold this part of California was even towards June. Got out my phone and saw the Oregon coast will also be cold. Shoulda’ known better. Oh well.

Got back and played Woodoku. No reading. Brain fried.

Sleep by 10.