As I’ve said, the Oregon-Washington coast is overwhelmingly the rainiest part of the Lower 48. No other area comes close. The Hoh Rain Forest gets 140”, but many other localities across these two states get well over 100”. It seems the Pacific Northwest lives up to its reputation of gloominess.

Yes, the effulgent greenery speaks life wherever you go. Yes, there is a nurturing aspect to this. Nonetheless, I imagine alcoholism is high in the Pacific Northwest, and I wouldn’t say the clouds were getting to me, but, I was ready to get out of the Olympic Peninsula.

(Incidentally, the area with the second highest rainfall is the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico, specifically between New Orleans and Mobile, which gets 60” to 65” a year.)

But, I’d gotten two nights at the Flagstone motel , and needed to get an oil change, and wanted to see Hurricane Ridge of Olympic National Park. So, another day would be fine.

Got up at 5. Typed. Developed photos.

By 8 am I was at Port Angeles’ Jiffy Lube. It cost me $80 to get high-mileage 5w30! Taxes!

Got a breakfast burrito, and headed up the mountain…

Now, you can see the Olympics from Port Angeles. They aren’t too high. Mt. Olympus is the tallest peak, and only reaches 7,980′, though, they do look large considering you’re looking at these mountains rise from sea level, so the prominence (the height of the mountain from its base to peak) of many is large. They are pretty to look at.

But I was burning out. Hurricane Ridge was so-so. The photos reflect this. There was still lots of snow. Hiking would have been a cold, wet, muddy mess. Such was not inspiring of exerting the energy for a several mile hike.

By noon I was back at Port Angeles. Then got a latte and worked for several hours on blogs and photos. Then, took a walk through the city, which is nice enough, but, doesn’t have tremendous charm. It’s a former industrial-like port town.

Though, the sun did come out at one point while by the shore. Washington is radiant when the sun shines. It’s a different land. A couple moments of sunshine can redeem many cloudy days.

Two and a half hours of walking was enough. In the morning I’d head to Port Townsend, which I heard was a really charming seaside town. If it charmed me greatly, I’d stay there. If not, I’d head to Mount Saint Helens, and then maybe Rainier National Park, and then… eastward.