It’s not the most auspicious thing to see a toilet outside room #16 when you room is #17. This lack of regard for aesthetics could be indicative of the state of the room inside. But #17 was good enough. I don’t sleep under a motel’s bed’s covers. I sleep on top of the cover, and bring my own pillow and blanket inside. Maybe that’s weird.

Woke at 7. Gone by 7:30. My first destination was Wisconsin, the 5th new state I’d never been to before on this trip… after Oregon, Washington, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Was there in less than two hours. Was surprised by how hilly the land along the Mississippi River was, the Mississippi being the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin on 90.

It seemed pretty enough. I headed towards Madison, to see the college town, and fill up my five-gallon water bottle at the Whole Foods, and get other stuff there. Took a detour on US 12 through bucolic farmland. Virtually every building looked like it was on the Wisconsin license plate.

Madison was pretty. It’s gentrified. That’s because the university channels a ton of money from the state to Madison. I’s also Wisconsin’s capital, which means even more money is sucked in.

Nice city. But I wanted to get Chicago out of the way. I’d hit there in a couple of hours, and knew the traffic would be horrible.

It was. It took me two hours to get through this part of Illinois, and I was taking the fastest roads possible. Got there at 1. Was done by 3. Shortly thereafter I was in Indiana. Thank God.

Northern Indiana was charming. It was so green, and the sky was so blue. So was Ohio. Frankly, this part of the drive was quite surprising. Mt St Helens blew me away. Lake Crescent almost did. So did Ohio.

Tired of motels I sought a campsite. Found a place called Camp Conley. It’s a lady who owns six acres in Northern Ohio and has turned it into a campground. It was cheap and pretty. Got there at 8 and crashed shortly thereafter.

The next day it was about 5 hours to Syracuse. Went through Cleveland, Erie and Buffalo. Passed south of Rochester. Was at the ‘Cuse by 3 pm.

Here is where my published travel narrative will end. I’m here to spend time with family.