Hadn’t showered in five days, though, I had jumped in the muddy waters of the Colorado outside Moab. It was refreshing. But it wasn’t necessarily cleansing.

Colorado was asi-asi. Will write more about it later. Let’s just say heat, traffic, crowds, construction, and high prices made it far less pleasant than Utah. Oh yeah… Colorado liberals are freakin’ obnoxious too. I think they’re more self-righteous than California ones. But more on that later.

I don’t know where to begin.

Anyway, I was wanting to slow down, and develop photos. I thought about camping outside Durango for a week, and using the public liberry. However, why? Why not just drive the less than six hours to back home where I have a thousand comforts and conveniences? So I did, and got home early yesterday morning.

I thought it would rain yesterday evening. Sat outside to watch the clouds a little because I have realized how much I love sitting outside in evening with my feet in the grass “earthing” (which Mercola says is a real thing). No rain, but peace.

Then, lo, sitting at Indian Gardens today, developing photos, the heavens opened up, and the rain poured fiercely for about 30 minutes. It’s a wonderful thing.

Seriously, growing up in Texas you don’t think about the threat of wildfires destroying everything you own, as I do now living in the OCC, especially before the monsoons hit. But, when they do, again, it’s wonderful. The storms are beautiful. They water the land. They give me peace. Praise God.

For the next while… Gonna do some maintenance on cars with a friend. Gonna develop photos. Gonna write some blogs. Gonna try to shoot Sedona and Grand Canyon. Gonna finish some books. Gonna do whatever, but, I do imagine by August I’ll be wanting to hit the road again to I don’t know where.

But I have the right to not do so as well.