I’ve finished Once Upon a Time in Europe – at least enough for now.

Now I need to interface it into Kindle Publishing, and do a bunch of other technical crap I’m not looking forward to. Then of course there is promoting it, and I look forward to that least of all… unless… well, we’ll talk about that later.

Anyway, next on my list of “finishing what I’ve started” is a manuscript about a trip to California in 2019. It’s a travel narrative. It’s also a geography, history and even philosophy lesson as I cross the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, the California Central, the Yosemite and other places in the Golden State.

It is also becoming something more…

It occurred to me that it should be written as an audiobook, and seek to make my voice heard. Thus, I speak aloud all my words as I type. This takes the book in interesting directions. It’s adding new layers to my initial manuscript.

Frankly, it’s becoming the most fascinating personal project I’ve ever undertaken. As those who know me know, I love California. I love the coast and trees and mountains. No other land excites my imagination to entertain new travels more.

Thus, as I procrastinate on learning technical details for publishing and promotion, I find that I can’t turn away from turning this old manuscript into an opus. =

And I think I’ll call this second book Travels with Charlie in COMMIFORNIA. That’s a spoof on liberal John Steinbeck’s 1962 travel narrative Travels with Charley. I’m not spoofing Steinbeck. His book is entertaining enough.

However, how the hell is a man supposed to ignore what California has become in a 21st century travel narrative? Let soy boys do this.

Commifornia deserves the mockery. So do all the liberals in the city, state and federal governments who do their part to destroy this golden land.