Ok… this is a quick blog…

Yes. Of course, I’m inclined to watch WWII documentaries on YouTube – as well as those on the Napoleonic Wars. Wars are fascinating phenomena. They change the order of earth. They are the mass surrendering a peoples’ minds to collectivism, and thus become the sum of all evil.

And speaking of evil, I’ve watched several documentaries on Stalin recently. It’s hard to calculate how many of his own countrymen he murdered. It’s hard to imagine the paranoia he felt that impelled him to kill anyone he thought may, in the distant future, betray him. I wonder what demons lurked in the shadows of his mind, and how their nefarious whispers became louder and louder as he approached death.

But the above is for another time.

What always rubs me the wrong way is how historians portray Stalin as being almost indifferent to Hitler’s stunning conquests in the West in 1940, and that he was a “victim” of Hitler’s violation of the non-aggression pact they signed in August 1939.

Yes, within this pact they said future disputes would be settled amicably. Stalin even said,

To the Chancellor of the German Reich, Herr A. Hitler,

I thank you for your letter. I hope that the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact will mark a decisive turn for the better in the political relations between our two countries. J. Stalin (1)


You would have me believe these two murderous men trusted each other? You would have me believe that words on a piece of paper would bind the conscience of Joseph Stalin? You would have me believe he himself was not preparing for war with Germany? You would have me believe he himself would not have violated the treaty as soon as opportunity to gain from such violation presented itself?


These two men were destined to go at it. They both knew this. Stalin and Hitler were as trustworthy as Satan. Of course he wasn’t indifferent to the power of Hitler’s Wehrmacht. Of course he feared that power would turn on him. I can only believe he was deeply troubled by the power of Germany. I can only believe he was preparing for war with Germany from the beginning of his industrialization of the Soviet Union in the 1920’s.

So let us not relegate Stalin to any status of “victim” because Hitler broke the non-aggression pact. Stalin would have broken it too.

Let us also remember that Stalin was arguably worse than Hitler because his regime killed more people. It’s also arguable that Mao was worse than Stalin because he killed even more of his own people. Why shouldn’t these numbers be considered? Of course they should.

And, I’ll ask one more question… why did the West regard Hitler as far more evil than Stalin when the Stalin, by 1939, had already killed 20 million of his own people? Why did the West side with the already-known mass murderer Stalin who also invaded Poland?

Patton had such ruminations. He was going to ask many questions out loud in American after returning home. Thats’ why the bastards murdered him.

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