The heart.

What is the heart really?

Is it that aching? That longing? Is it what you dream about in secret hours?

Is it something undeniably and unequivocally we are to heed? Are we a coward for not heeding it?

What about Jeremiah 17:9? Is the heart deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked? Is it self-absorption to heed the heart? 

I do know Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He said that because we tend towards the opposite. We tend towards ourselves. Maybe that comes from listening to your heart.

Still, there is that aching and longing and unfulfillment.

And that’s ok.

One, that aching is separation from God. It points us towards him. It lets us know we can return to him in a little while.

Two, that aching is fire unquenched. It is passion unfulfilled. It is what keeps us pressing on towards something better.

Three, that aching is wonder. We seek answers, and we won’t find them all. But we do find many, and that is good.

Truly, that aching is life. Better to feel the ache than feel nothing.

And all feel it!

You’re not worthless if you do. You’re not weak if you do.

You’re not losing at the game of life. You’re not pathetic.

To hell with those who say otherwise.

They’re in their own hell.

They are.