Rootless, groundless, without foundation… like a tumbleweed blown wherever by winds, it has no idea where it’s going.

Such are a people who don’t know their culture’s and nation’s history. They have no idea how we got to where we are now. They know nothing of how timeless principles of good conduct got us to where we are now.

Thus, they believe any doctrine and ideology. They don’t have discernment because they lack the foundational knowledge to determine what is the baseline of what’s good, bad, right, wrong, upside down, right-side up, etc.

For millenia that foundation was Christianity. That cornerstone was Jesus Christ. Regardless of your theology – and EVERYONE has a variation of theology – to change the foundation of a civilization is, unequivocally, to change that civilization itself.

That’s exactly what’s happening now. Exactly. The ever-increasing depravities we see regularly promulgated by temporal powers owes itself 100% to the Great Falling Away from the Rock of Ages, from the Foundation of the West, that is, Jesus Christ.

Without the strength of character Christianity foments, those depravities are accepted. People throw their hands up and say, “what can we do?” They silence their thoughts and convictions so as not to offend, and the evil grows.

Insomuch as you are afraid to voice Christian virtues, insomuch as you are afraid to proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior, the more you and I are guilty of doing our part for the Great Falling Away.

I need to remember these words as much as anyone.