It’s incessant. Watch a little bit of television, and it won’t be long before you come across the most unmasculine and stupefying portrayals of white men, especially in commercials. But I’m not here to drive home this point. If you don’t see it yourself, bless your heart.

Regardless, the vilification of white people is, ultimately, for destroying all vestiges of Christian Western culture. After all, it was white people from Europe and North America that were the nucleus of this civilization, which became the most powerful and prosperous one ever to exist on earth. Call it Western Civilization or the Christian West. Its history is spellbinding… from Hebrews to Greeks to Romans to… today.

Western Civilization took mankind from the horse-and-plow to the stars in 100 years. Its agricultural, industrial, technological, transportational, and other revolutions raised food production, population levels, life expectancies, leisure time and so much more. It was the envy of the world, and, arguably, still is today.

Of course, on a true note, some white ancestors did terrible things. Such should be admitted. And, of course, all people of all colors are welcome to walk into the light of Christian Liberty. All people are welcome to know the highest truths and ideals for which mankind should strive so we can love our neighbors as ourselves, and pursue happiness, and have children, and prosper. All people.

However, I’m not here to dwell on the world-changing power of the Christian West – which I freely admit did nothing myself to found.

Regardless, the evil ones don’t want you understanding this amazing history. That’s why they don’t teach such conceptions of civilization in government schools or college. They don’t talk about such in movies and television. They do the opposite.

The evil ones want whites to think the values of of their ancestors were garbage. All you need to know about them is racism, slavery and colonialism. They weren’t Christians. They were evil hypocrites.

And, by the way, Christianity is – they say – merely mythology, bigotry and intolerance. Nothing more. There is no God. You certainly don’t have rights from God. You only have privileges granted to you by the State. If you don’t behave, those privileges should be taken away.

So, get white people hating themselves and their ancestors. Get white people hating the values of their ancestors. Don’t transmit those values unto children. Teach them the new values. Teach them the New Order. Reset society.

Again, this is happening now. The evil ones are causing confusion, discord and pain in the lives of children now. They are hell-bent on destroying the foundation of everything most of us have known.

Of course, the ideologies driving this destruction are only believed by the most idiotic of society. Believe it.