If atheists are correct, they can ONLY be evolved yet purposeless slime…

Now, I’m not saying “Atheists are slime!” Not at all. They are men and women of flesh and blood. They have souls. God loves them as much as anyone. Christ’s parable of the Prodigal Son beautifully conveys such love.

But, if atheists truly believe there is no Creator, if they truly believe there is no eternal part to our beings that is also created by God, by their own beliefs, they can only believe their lives are evolved slime. And, as a consequence, I say there can be no purpose to life. Thus, evolved yet purposeless slime. Let me explain…

First I must be precise with language. I will posit this definition of God: God is the self-existent and eternal Creator and subsequent sustainer and ruler of life and the universe. Secondly, I’ll define an atheist as one who rejects the existence of God. Maybe there are better definitions. But I’ll run with these.

So I’ll begin.

Without a Creator God, life can only be a freak accident. Think about that. Without a Creator molding the milieu of unknowable substances that became you and the universe, life could only be the result of chaotic forces of nature. How can there be an alternative? Either life was created by an Intelligent Creator, or it is the product of chaos. Period.

The Material that became the universe (whose origins no scientist can explain) would have had to morph into a form of life (a process no scientist can prove or replicate) from which you and I and EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING descend (which is a virtual mathematical impossibility completely devoid of necessary proof in the real world).

Now, you can believe this possible. You can accept the astounding improbability of life coming from non-life. You can accept the improbability of a print shop exploding, and, from the chaos, coming 10,000 perfectly-worded King James Bibles.

But, for those who accept this impossibility as reality, you MUST also accept life as a mere extenuation of this chaos. It’s just a freak accident. Sperm and egg are accidental. Heartbeats are accidental. Birth, childhood, adulthood, epiphany, depression, exultation and death are the random play of the same primordial elements still unfolding as mere chaos, without the intelligent direction of God.

Yes, you have a conscious mind. You’re aware of your own existence, feelings, thoughts and external circumstances. But do you really control them? If you’re just a random amalgamation of elements, consciousness is no different than fire, or rain, or insects defecating. It’s just another random force. You think you have control over it, but you don’t. You are some Pavlovian dog living an illusion.

“Oh, that’s bull crap, Charles. I can choose to eat at Burger King or McDonald’s. I can choose to read your stupid words or not. I have free will. I’m not some Pavlovian dog because, unlike a dog, I can choose to heed my impulses and desires or not.”

OK. But what is it that does your choosing? Because your life would only be the result of a freak amalgamation of elements, that substance of your mind which does the choosing is not fundamentally different from that substance that does the reacting of a dog. Yes, the degree of perception of human-choosing over dog-reacting is more evolved. But, such a difference in degree does not constitute any real difference in the fundamental nature of a mind with life.

After all, both would be soulless. Both would be bereft of that rational and volitional faculty that comes from outside the body. You’re only flesh. You’re only material evolved from the chaos of some random Big Bang a long time ago. You think you’re choosing? You think you have free will? That’s impossible. You’re just molecules and chemicals. Because all the universe is just some freak accident, you are too. Free will and consciousness are illusions.

And the point I want to make to atheists is really a question: what purpose could your life really have if you are a mere freak accident? You say want to provide for your loved ones? You say you want to change the world for the better? Good.

But the good and bad you render is as purposeless as you. Again, it’s all just some freak accident that no eternal aspect of you can ever know. You have no soul. Your sense of self, your consciousness, will go into nothingness after you die. It will be as if you never existed. So why care about anything in the first place? What purpose could your glimpse of chaos really have?

Of course I don’t believe this. I do believe in a Creator God. I do believe he is the God revealed to us through the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. I regard Genesis 1:26 as a sacred truth, and I believe God created us all for a purpose that transcends our lives, whose full force and character we will one day come to understand perfectly.

But, atheists, do tell me where my reasoning breaks down. Tell me how the purpose you feel can be anything but an illusion if we are born of chaos? Seriously, I would really enjoy a level-headed exchange on the nature of our existence.