Heavenly Father,

Much of Arizona is on fire. Much of the American West is on fire. Ultimately, I ask for rain. I ask that the rain be sufficient to douse all fires.

People are scared. Lives and properties, forests and ecosystems, are at risk of being destroyed. Please let that not happen. Please let it rain.

I know many no longer pray for such things. Forgive us all who have wandered from that path which leads unto your divine perfection. Forgive those who have forgotten or never learned that you hold the utmost power over all Creation, regardless of whatever mankind has done to distort natural processes you set in motion long ago. Please let it rain.

Please let it rain mightily. Lord, in Arizona the monsoons the past two years have been terrible. The land has suffered. People have suffered. The long term consequences of the continued absence of monsoons is frightening to consider. So much greenery – the pines and junipers and saguaros – will die without the perpetuation of those black clouds rising over mountains in summer. Please bring those clouds back. Please make it rain.

Of course water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell are terribly low. Of course most who depend on this water live in the artificial state of the modern Southwest city, and thus give far less mind to the perpetuation of natural process that were intended for our sustenance. Forgive those who have forgotten or never learned that all life is dependent upon water, and thus never resort to piety in asking for such. Forgive those who presume water will always come from their taps, and take an indifference to fires raging, because they put their faith in the controlled dynamics of the modern city. Please make it rain.

Of course many say the fires are the result of global warming. Many say the fires are the result of forest mismanagement. Other things can be said. You know where my mind is, Father. But let differences on this issue be subordinate to an honest desire felt by all who love the West and wish to see the rains fall mightily. Let rain color grass green, and grow flowers yellow, and fill lakes blue, and cool the air to exude that comfort of a land well-watered. After all, Father, the landscapes of the West are some of the most impacting in the world, and how much more grateful should not all of us be for your providence behind a green Arizona and California?

But perhaps motives behind this prayer are not of a pure heart seeking that which is best for all. Maybe my fear of fire is faithlessness. Maybe my fear of loss is faithlessness. Maybe you will not answer a prayer like this because unanswered prayers are sometimes the greatest blessings in life, or are a necessary part of the fulfillment of your divine plans.

As with all things, Father, in all times and places, let thy will be done. Let whatever wisdom or folly we have only augment your plans to let your glory shine over Creation so that souls may be saved. Let us accept all tribulations with grace and patience, knowing, as Paul said, such builds character.

But if your heart is willing to heed the hopes of a man such as myself, I do ask that it rain, and rain mightily, all over the West, Lord.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.