Much is said about America’s past today. Much of it is negative. Much of it centers upon African slavery and Indian killing.

Were black people enslaved? Did whites kill Indians? Of course. And I wouldn’t suggest that part of American history should be forgotten. Of course it should be remembered.

But ALL history should be remembered. To look only at those aspects of American history, and to insinuate that African slavery and Indian killing are the most defining aspects of America’s past, is wrong. It is more than wrong. It is evil. The United States of America was so much more.

Something amazing happened here. There was an unleashing of the creative power of mankind upon this continent. Things happened here that had never happened in all the history of the world. In just a fraction of the time of man’s existence, there were agricultural and technological improvements made that allowed the earth’s population to soar into the billions in the 20th century.

Because so much of American education ignores the following questions, I’m going to pose them to you. These are powerful questions written by a man named Henry Grady Weaver in his book The Mainspring of Human Progress first published in 1944. After reading Weaver’s questions I was never the same. You can’t be either with an honest intellect.

Why did men die of starvation for 6,000 years? Why is it that we in America never had a famine?

Why did men walk and carry goods (and other men) on their straining backs for 6,000 years – then suddenly, on only a small part of the earth’s surface, the forces of nature are harnessed to do the bidding of the humblest citizen?

Why did families live for 6,000 years in caves and floorless hovels, without windows or chimneys – then within a few generations, we in America take floors, rugs, chairs, tables, windows, and chimneys for granted and regard electric lights, refrigerators, running water, porcelain baths, and toilets as common necessities?

Why did men, women, and children eke out their meager existence for 6,000 years, toiling desperately from dawn to dark – barefoot, half-naked, unwashed, unshaved, uncombed, with lousy hair, mangy skins, and rotting teeth – then suddenly, in one place on earth there is an abundance of such things as rayon underwear, nylon hose, shower baths, safety razors, ice cream sodas, lipsticks, and permanent waves?

Weaver continues…

It is true that many of these developments originated in other countries. But new ideas are of little value in raising standards of living unless and until something is done about them. The plain fact is that we in America have outdistanced the world in extending the benefits of inventions and discoveries to the vast majority of people in all walks of life…

Weaver then asks his readers how this happened.

Was it because the United States has greater natural resources? No. China, India, Russia and Africa have the resources as well to provide what was necessary for this 5,000 year leap.

Do Americans work harder? No. People in other countries were used to backbreaking labor from dusk to dawn for mere survival. The rest of the world has work ethic too.

Was it genetic superiority? Such questions back in the 1940’s were not as taboo as the 2020’s, precisely because there was such a gap in living standards between the Anglo-Saxon races and the rest of the world. But Weaver rejects a racist argument. Saxons lived in caves too once upon a time.

And so I’ll get to the crux of one of the greatest lessons in all history from the United States of America that Weaver taught me over twenty years ago.

Freedom is the answer to all those questions. It is that simple.

For much of the rest of the Mainspring, Weaver demonstrates that most of the government of the world’s history, with some exceptions, were utterly tyrannical. The human spirit was oppressed. There was no inspiration for mankind to improve his lot in life because the predominant religious and political ideologies of pagan kings damned mankind to the belief in a static order of the universe. History is filled with mankind’s acceptance of cast systems where he believed it was his lot to live and die within the order he was born into, and any attempt to work himself out of it was impossible or even heretical.

The great leap forward was Jesus Christ. Suddenly mankind came to be believe that all people are worthy of salvation. This set in motion, slowly for sure, the recognition of rights fundamental to even the most common man because he too is loved equally by God. One man is not loved more. Thus, because all are loved by God, all should be free to pursue a happier life that our Heavenly Father gave us. This new religious conception of our selves and our neighbors came to manifest itself in political forms that recognized our right to be free and pursue happiness.

Thus, the human potential was unleashed. Man was free to study, create, associate, innovate, invent, produce, market and whatever other actions necessary for his unhindered pursuit of happiness. Scientific thinking, free from the dogma of pagans, sought the truth of the physical laws and forces that operate within God’s Creation. The advancement of science begat the advancement of technology. The advancement of technology begat the advancement of agriculture. The advancement of agriculture allowed man to produce more food than ever before, and free other men for developments of other things to raise his living standards. Things snowballed for the better from there.

Yes, I am condensing thousands of years of history. There are nuances and exceptions to the above. However, all those forces driving the advancement of man culminated in the United States of America, where living standards rose like never seen before, outdistancing the nations of Western Europe by far, who were not terribly far behind in advancements as well. But nowhere else was like America. Nowhere.

The unleashing of human potential came about because mankind was freer than he had ever been in the history of the world. And more people were most free in America. That is why it was the envy of the world. That is why so many still want to move here.

Again, I’m not saying all were free in America. Of course, some were oppressed and enslaved. This should not be forgotten.

But anyone who would deny this 5,000 year leap of mankind that happened in America, and anyone who would assert the most important aspect of American history to be know is that white people were not always nice to non-white people, is at best an ignorant fool, and at worst a fiendish liar. Either way, their words are not to be taken seriously.

There should be remembrance of the political system that enacted this freeing of the human soul to create like never before. There should be understanding of the principles and actions that made this happen. There should be gratitude of the fact that Americans are beneficiaries of this leap forward.

But evil people nowadays don’t want us thinking in these terms. They don’t want people studying the past. They don’t us reacquiring that same power that made our ancestors great. That is because evil people do not want Americans to be free. They want Americans to be slaves. They want Americans to be stupid.

Unfortunately, as a result the prosperity unleashed by Americans being free, we have also become decadent and ignorant. One of the amazing inventions was television, which has been turned into a weapon to destroy us our minds. I truly believe nothing has changed us more, nothing has made us forget our history more, nothing has made us forget those principles of liberty more, than television. This should be known.

And it should also be remembered EXACTLY why, once upon a time, America was the greatest nation on earth…


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