I love history. I love the Southwest. But all truth is appealing.

I reserve the right to talk about whatever on this blog. And right now, I feel like sharing a thought on 2020.

Now, as I made clear in another post, the mockery of notions contrary to narratives contrived by evil people in press and government, by calling those alternate notions “conspiracy theories”, needs to go back to hell. The label of conspiracy theory is liberally invoked so simple minds can forgo critical thought on complex issues. It is applied so sheep can continue following the wolf. Confused? Read 1984.

By February of 2020 it seemed obvious that the evil ones were going to maximize the creation of fear by talking about the ‘Rona incessantly. Of course, they’d manufactured fear from viruses before. As was so with sars and ebola and whatever else, the fear those bastards manufactured never had any real change on society. Yes, some sheep lived in fear. But life went on.

By March, I knew this fear mongering was different. It was to be at a new scale.

Now I was never scared of a virus. I’m not saying it wasn’t real – though many people smarter than me do ask if it was. But I know Mass Media and Big Government work together to scare you out of your freedoms. They make you think without their protection, without their new controls, you’re going to die. But those bastards lie all the time. You gotta’ realize that for government to protect you more they have to control you more. And what do you think is the priority? Of course it’s control. They don’t care about you.

Now what did scare me was seeing how brainwashed Americans still are. I mean, countless millions believed whatever Anthony Fauci said. They believed that the mathematical models were accurate, and that millions would die if we didn’t lock ourselves in our homes, and close down businesses, and wear masks, and social distance, and other ludicrous things – all of which Fauci knew to be lies.

A rage built within me for seeing how easily television changed the behavior and psychology of so many millions without the slightest bit of critical thought questioning just what might be going on. They gave up freedoms without a fight. They believed it was for protection. They ridiculed those who pointed this out. I don’t know how to forgive this acceptance and promulgation of dehumanization.

And my opinion hasn’t changed since March of 2020. As John Iovine, in his books Scamdemic, said:

Real pandemics don’t rely on faulty prediction models, biased reporting, politicized science, exaggerated mortality rates, and inflated death statistics.

Is the virus real? Was it manufactured? How deadly was it really? Were lockdowns necessary? Is masking necessary? Is the purported vaccine necessary? Many other questions can be asked.

The bastards never asked such questions. Instead they forced answers on us all. They stripped Americans of their freedoms like never before, and there are still countless millions who think government didn’t go far enough. Such wretched minds are those needing prayers most.

However, millions of Americans saw the government went too far. They saw Big Tech and Mass Media as agents complicit in fomenting a narrative that scares people out of their rights and freedoms. They used fiendish techniques to silence those who would question their lies, and those techniques became apparent.

For decades I have said there is a deliberate attempt to destroy the United States of America. For decades I have said that evil people who have allegiance to a New World Order have been calling shots at the District of Columbia. For decades I have known that news is mostly propaganda for the sake of conditioning Americans to think that certain threats are real, and government wants to protect you from them, and that the loss of freedoms is the way to make this happen.

I can’t tell you how many more Americans can see this now. The number in July 2021 is much higher than January 2020. This is a blessing. They can accept that a biological agent may have been manufactured and deliberately released by some internationalist order of Mega Corporations for the sake of undermining the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They can accept that things happen for reasons they’ll never discover through television. Many have become “conspiracy theorists”.

Again, this is a blessing. This is the silver lining of 2020.

But we are still far from the ideal of a free society. We still have much to learn. And, frankly, I think only divine intervention can teach us at this point.

God is in the heavens though. All things are under his providence. And there are many things to pray for. And we should.