I was 24 years old. I was an economics teacher for seniors, and a football coach, at McKinney High School in McKinney, Texas. Though I’d worked part-time at a private school the year before, this was my first full-time position at a public school.

Teaching was not in my mind during college. But, things happened after graduating that turned me onto it. And I gotta’ say I was thrilled to be teaching. It was an chance to make a difference in young lives. It was a chance to change the world.

Of course many teachers start off with this enthusiasm, and lose it quickly, especially in public schools. But it did stay with me for a year or two.

But it almost didn’t. Thank the events of the 11th of September in the year of our Lord 2001.

It was first period, which lasted – as I recall – from 9 am to 10:30 am CST. I was teaching economics. Sometimes the kids were bored. Sometimes they came alive, especially when I came alive. But this morning was another average day. Yet, I was glad to be there.

Then, a voice came from the ceiling. It was the intercom turned on for all classrooms. The school secretary spoke. Her exact words are not important. But they were something like…

Two planes have hit the World Trade Center in New York. They have collapsed. It appears to be a terrorist attack. More information coming later.”

All the kids wanted me to turn on the television. No way. I knew the lies coming from it would enrage me. I knew I would not be able to keep my mouth shut, and I feared that I would be fired for this.

At this age in life I was already convinced that a sinister New World Order had already hijacked the reigns of government, and would use false-flag terrorist attacks to coerce Americans into giving up more of their freedoms, as had been happening for over a century by 2001.

So I kept the television off. (I may have been the only teacher at McKinney HS that day who didn’t have his television on. ) At that point my class had a conversation about freedom and security. I taught – or at least tried to teach – that giving up your freedoms to government under the pretext that it will protect you is dangerous, foolish and absurd.

Essentially, I said…

“Even if there are benevolent people controlling the government, and do truly want to protect you from evil men, the security infrastructure erected – presuming it would even work in the first place – can only depend on controlling your actions. The fact is that in order to protect someone you have to control the actions of that someone. You can’t let them do whatever they want because such free actions could be security threats that could bring another attack by the bad guys.

“There must be government approval. Government must check those actions and make sure they’re safe. Thus, there must also be the power of government to deny you the right to travel (or speak your mind, or assemble, or protest, or buy a gun, or own a car, or produce certain things, or buy certain things, so on and so forth) because those unchecked freedoms could result in harm to society – so they say.

“Well, what happens when bad men take over the machinery of government that has the power to approve and disapprove of your actions? Bad things. They will use that power for tyrannical purposes. They will use those security measures as a base for expanding the scope of those measures, and take more of your freedoms away. This is guaranteed to happen. History demonstrates this time and time again.

And sometimes they will invent a crisis or catastrophe as a pretext for expanding those security measures.

“Thus, even if you surrender your freedoms for security to good people, it’s only a matter of time before bad people take over the government and use its power to further erode your freedoms, and enslave you. That’s why people who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

Again, these were not my exact words. But they convey the spirit of my message.

Now, I was a little nervous to be saying the above. But, at this point in the day, because I refused to turn on my television, I was still not entirely sure what had happened in New York. At this point I mistakenly thought only parts of the twin towers had collapsed. I didn’t know the full devastation.

“After all, how can you believe an airplane could cause those towers of concrete and steel to collapse? That’s ridiculous.”

At 12 pm CST, during athletic period, I got my first glimpse of what happened. A TV was playing in the coaches office. The images floored me. The towers had collapsed in what looked like a controlled demolition.

“How can people believe airplanes caused this? How?”

At that point, I was mute. I looked at the demeanors of all the adults around me. Their eyes were wide. There was shock and awe in them. It was obvious they were believing every single word the television was saying. Every. Single. Word.

On that day, and in the days and months after, most of those teachers and coaches I knew would never question the official story. They would never wonder how a flimsy airplane could cause such a relatively small fire and collapse, again in controlled demolition fashion, some of the strongest skyscrapers on earth. They would never ask how another small fire could collapse WTC 7 – as if they even knew what that was! They would never ask what happened to the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon, or the one that crashed in Pennsylvania. They would never ask so many questions…

I could see jingoism taking over their minds. I knew they’d give moral support for whatever war and police state measures would ensue. Their pride, fear, naivete and misguided sense of patriotism seemed too strong to be pierced by rational discussion. Interpretations outside the official narrative caused apoplectic responses. Only emotion governed. So I was mute.

September 11, 2001 was a bad day. Psychopathic criminals who control the federal government, in the scene and behind the scenes, got away with murder. To this day, there are still too many millions who will completely accept the official narrative. They will accept it because they believe the highly orchestrated array of sounds and images coming from the most powerful propaganda weapon the world has ever seen. They cannot accept that faces they trust on television – be they politicians, news anchors and of course now doctors – would boldly lie.

Truly, truly, from the moment I saw the towers collapse until now, 20 years later, my opinions haven’t changed. The overwhelming amount of facts uncovered by independent investigations have only corroborated my conviction that 911 was a false-flag attack, executed by criminals who control the federal government, for the sake of expanding military operations around the globe, and enacting a security and surveillance infrastructure within the United States that is truly Orwellian. It was an event that forever changed Americans’ acceptance of the role of government in society – again to protect us – that we are still suffering under.

Americans wonder how we have gotten to where we are in 2021. They should start looking at 911. They should look before that too. Unfortunately, too many are hopelessly addicted to the lies of television, and don’t have the moral courage to ask basic questions.