First, I’m not a doctor. I don’t give medical advice. I’m not qualified to say what you should do with your bodies. Thus, injecting mRNA shots is your prerogative.

What goes into my body is mine.

And I will not take the mRNA shot.

I have many reasons for this stance. Only one will be explained here. However, as tyrannical, as satanic, as I find Joe Biden’s decree that all companies of 100 or more employees must force their employees to receive the experimental concoction, I feel obliged to declare those other reasons in upcoming posts.

I’m not deluded to think that my words on this website have any influence on the world. My numbers are terrible. However, in the process of writing, I learn. In the process of writing, I research and absorb details. And I am feeling ever more called to understand all dynamics of the hell the bastards have put us through since the introduction of lockdowns in March 2020. The efforts of evil people to permanently alter our lives, our psychologies, our bodies, are not going away. Their ultimate objective is a New Normal. It is a New World Order.

This is the fight of our lives. But resistance is not futile.

Now, first and foremost, I am sovereign over my body. So are you over yours.

What does “sovereign” mean? It means I possess supreme or ultimate power over my body, especially what goes into it. This is because I OWN my body. No one else owns me! And no one owns you!

Now, let me develop this concept of ownership. The litmus test of ownership is control. If you nominally own something, and control that something, you truly own it. This applies to your body or a commodity.

However, if you nominally own something, yet you don’t control it, you don’t really own it. Someone else does. Thus, if someone forces something into your body, against your will, and against your control, it is quite arguable that that someone forcing this presumes he owns your body, because your control over it, in his eyes, is irrelevant.

Is it really a stretch to think that GOVERNMENT is taking the attitude that we are cattle-like commodities by proclaiming they have the right to force things into our bodies against our will? It is not a stretch.

It is dehumanizing. It is worse than slavery. Yes it is. Once you submit to the principal that someone outside of you has such power over your body, against your will, there is nothing to stop future violations. They will continue.

To think this will stop with just a “coronavirus vaccine” is foolish. More and more mandates will come.

You think this is exaggeration? Hah! Look at how much has changed in the past year. Of course more changes are coming – and they will not be on the side of freedom!

You tell me it’s for my benefit? You tell me it’s for the benefit of society? You tell me this thing which began with a mere bat, and has morphed into a world-wide technocratic takeover, is unequivocally the result of well-meaning people who didn’t plan any of these radical changes that yield incredible powers to governing bodies?

Ok. Even if there’s nothing dark behind all this, you have to understand that these new powers, exercised by good people (as you presume) can and will be taken over by bad people. This power to control the health of bodies, can only yield diabolical corruption. That is why those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. Through the surrender of freedoms, evil people will come to control that power created by such surrendering. All history attests to this.

Disagree? So be it.

I don’t feel the need to convince anyone. But, as for me, no. I will stand my ground. No one will put that shot in my body. No one. I am sovereign over my body, and no amount of propaganda disseminated by known liars and psychopaths will change my mind.

This is the fight of our lives.

Too many have no concept as to why these shots are so vehemently opposed. I have only articulated the tip of the iceberg of my opposition. More is coming.


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