People do amaze me.

People repeat an opinion expressed on television, almost word for word, and then have the audacity to say “I think” as if the regurgitation of that opinion is from their own mind.

Now, obviously, many opinions people express are in fact from their own mind. Having an opinion mirrored by media doesn’t necessarily mean they are merely regurgitating it.

But, have you been listening to people over the past year? Over the past 10 years? 50 years?

Have you ever taken a step back, and looked at someone speaking an opinion mirrored by Media, and wondered whether they came up with that opinion on their own?

Have you ever taken a step back, and looked at YOURSELF speaking an opinion mirrored by Media, and wondered whether YOU came up with that opinion on your own?

Have you? Do you think about what you say? Do you question whether your beliefs are true?

Seriously, if your opinions mirror almost entirely what Mass Media and Governments are saying, and you have done no critical thinking or research on those matters, perhaps because you presume the sources have integrity, and would never lie to you, the chances are that YOU ARE BRAINWASHED.


I just cannot express my exasperation for seeing how oblivious or insouciant people have become to the loss of liberties, and the rise of Orwellian technocracies across the world, because of a bogeyman virus that magically evolved from a bat.

I cannot express my exasperation for people not taking a step back to look at all that has unfolded over the past year, and wonder just where lies have been told, so they may do some critical thinking, and say “BULLLCRAP FAUCI!” or “BULLCRAP BIDEN!”

Yes, millions have. And more will.

But still millions won’t. They are being led by their noses from one story to the next, from Gabby Petito to Afghanistan to the Border to whatever, without ever pausing to look at where Media is taking their minds, and not wondering whether they are being manipulated for darker agendas.

The changes rendered unto humanity since the rise of Mass Media in the 20th century is a story for all time. The abyss in which we now walk is even darker. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how dark all these changes to our behaviors and psychologies will be into the future. Heck, so many millions are oblivious to changes happening right under their noses.

But they don’t care. They have no discernment. None. And in the process they are dehumanizing themselves. They are becoming NPC’s. They are becoming far worse.

Seriously, the Book of Revelation and 1984 are the most prophetic books I’ve read.