If you’re stuck in the 1980’s, and think society will always function, and food will always be on store shelves, and water will always flow from faucets, and power will always be on, and streets will be safe, YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF.

Modern society is a complex machine. Trucks bring food to grocery store shelves through impressive logistics. Water flows from taps because powerful electrical pumps move it long distances. Electricity production itself requires great coordination of raw materials and highly technical machines. There are countless other complexities.

Well, complex machines break down easily.

Take just gasoline alone. American runs on 18 wheels. Without gas, how can gas be delivered to gas stations in the first place? A severe gas shortage would have a calamitous domino effect on so many industries and aspects of society. What will you do without a car and Whole Foods and Amazon?

Seriously, what?

But I’m not here to hammer this point. Again, if you’re stuck in the 80’s, and still oblivious to how dangerous modern society could become, and quickly too, may God bless your heart. You’ll need him.

So what do you do?

What do you do in a big city? What will you do if there hasn’t been food in grocery stores for a week? Two weeks?

Do you have enough stored food for a week? A month? A year? You should.

Even if you have food, your neighbors may not. You think they’ll follow the edicts of Jesus Christ if they haven’t eaten in two weeks? Don’t count on it. Starving, desperate people are capable of committing atrocities, and the modern American city is one heckuva breeding ground for this.

I don’t have all the answers. Your situation is unique. And you should know it well. Dang well.

I will say three things though…

ONE, get right with God. As a Christian, it frightens me to realize how utterly dependent I am upon the Grace of God for eternal salvation. Well, such dependency exists in this realm too. After all, no one can fully prepare for calamitous scenarios – even if you’ve been growing your own food and stockpiling ammo for years. No one can know how they’ll be tested. No one ones what’s coming. But the Grace of God provides courage and discernment at any time that can rescue you from the darkest scenarios, even a zombie apocalypse in Manhattan.

TWO, know how to get potable water. There are hundreds of water filters out there. Own a Berkey or a life-straw or some other filter. Know how much iodine you need to decontaminate water. Know how much bleach you can use too. Know how to start a fire for boiling. Learn other methods. Research them. Again, a broken city system is about as bad a scenario you could be in. It is best not to be in a such a situation, but if you are, have plans. Without plans your ONLY plan is the Amazing Grace of God or the charity of others. There are limits to both.

THREE, have food. At least a year is highly advisable. More than this is better. But if you don’t have a least a month’s supply, again, your ONLY plan is grace or charity. You can buy a three-months supply at mypatriotsupply.com. You can buy 2 or 3 or 4 of those packages. You can also have peanut butter, almond butter, coconut oil, olive oil, mayonnaise, good animal lards, spam, canned veggies, bean, rice, etc, etc.


Look at this $5 jar of peanut butter’s “Nutrition Facts”. It has 32 servings. Each serving is 190 calories. 32 x 190 = 6,080 total calories in this jar. If you consume 1,500 calories per day, 6,080 is over 4 days worth of calories. For $5 dollars you have four days of calories. For $50 you have 40 days of calories. For $100 – 20 jars – you have 80 days.

That’s almost three months of calories for $100. For $115 – 23 jars – you have three months.

Of course, you don’t want only peanut butter. Why not mix it with coconut oil? This jar was $7 (it was pricier because it’s organic, and you can get cheaper jars). It has 28 servings. Each has 130 calories. 28 x 130 = 3640 calories, or 2.4 1500-calorie days.

Thus, for $12 you have 6.4 days worth of calories. Are you understanding my point? Stockpile some high calorie foods! Stockpile lots of good fats! For $500, following this simple calculation that third graders can do (calories-per-serving X number-of-servings), you can get six months of calories with variety. Such an allocation is quite basic, but, it is better than nothing. It is a decent start.

Of course there is so much more to say.

Do you have at least one fire arm? Do you have at least 1,000 rounds?

Do you have an escape plan from a city or suburb? Is there some place you could go before calamity strikes, so you don’t get stuck on interstates as everyone fleeing at the same time turns them into parking lots?

Do you have matches, lighters, clothes, shoes, knives, tools, maps, batteries, flashlights, insect repellant, rain coats, generators, gasoline… on and on and on I could go…

Remember, we are all dependent on the Grace of God, in this life, and the next. But in this life, don’t think God doesn’t want you self-reliant too. He does. After all, a self-reliant man can help others who are desperate.

And your charity can save others’ lives… as theirs can save yours.