I recently wrote about my day on September 11th 2001. You can read it here if you wish.

My point here is not to get into all the details of the day. As you can read, from the beginning I rejected official explanations. From the beginning I saw the whole day as a false flag event executed for the sake of conditioning Americans into accepting massive expansions of government power across the globe. Time has only revealed to me my initial impressions were accurate.

No. I want to make a different point.

No one denies that human beings executed the attacks. No one denies that human beings took deliberate measures to ensure that thousands would die this day. And no one with any degree of morality would deny that only a depraved mind would make such calculations in the first place.

However, there is strong disagreement as to who these evil people were. And therein lies my point.

The government narrative is that terrorists from the Middle East did this. Though most Americans have never been to the Middle East, they can believe that an entire part of the world hates America for its freedoms – but that’s not pertinent herein. The essential point is that they believe there was depravity within the people from the other side of the world who executed the attacks.

Maybe that’s so. Maybe I’m totally wrong. But depraved people did this. Period.

Well, why not depraved people with white skin from North America? Why not depraved people who call themselves Americans? Why not depraved people who exude charisma on television with a smile and call themselves your government servants?

Why is this so difficult to believe? Why is it so difficult to entertain the possibility that people you don’t know, yet exercise tremendous power, and only came to have more power after September 11th, could have executed the attacks for the specific purpose of augmenting that power?

WHY??? Does power not corrupt any more? Does absolute power no longer corrupt absolutely?

Well, I think a good answer as to why it’s difficult for millions to believe there is treachery in trusted smiles is in My explanation of exactly how television rots your brain. Americans are brainwashed. The can’t discern television from reality. Carefully crafted lights and sounds overpower their critical thinking skills, which were never honed in government schools in the first place. Add to this stress, debt, bills, taxes, inflation, poor nutrition, a dependence on drugs, fluoride in water, GMO’s and countless other things that erode our souls, and put us in a state of mere survival, and it’s not that hard to see why Americans are as they are.

And one of the bastards’ most powerful weapons is fear. Americans are afraid to think outside the box. They are afraid of scorn, ridicule and contempt, in person and on social media. But they are also afraid to face the reality that they’ve been believing lies for a great portion of their lives. They’re afraid to experience all the changes that occur when you take your mind out of the Matrix. More can be said about how fear is used as a weapon, but my point is made.

And the game goes on.

But seriously. The vast, overwhelming majority of people don’t know George W Bush or Dick Cheney or Barack Obama or Joe Biden personally. They have no idea what these elitists are like off camera. They have no idea how powerful people they deal with behind the scenes are. They have no idea what agendas and orders the elites are following. They have no idea about so much of what happens behind the veil of the most powerful government and military in the entire history of the world.

To presume such power – which corrupts all human nature – is incapable of depravity is pure naivete.

But you know such depravity exists. You can’t deny it.