That’s ok.

I just won’t eat at that restaurant any more. I won’t go to that store. I won’t buy this or that.

I won’t fly. I won’t visit California or New York. I won’t go to ball games or concerts or museums or social events.

I won’t work for a big company. I won’t live in that city. I won’t live in that state.

I can accept these changes so I don’t have to get the shot. I can make more sacrifices”


How many millions have said things like this in hte past two years? I know I’ve said them – a lot. And this begs some questions.

How many more things will we sacrifice? How long will it be before we’re forced to sacrifice what we don’t want to? How about sacrificing what we can’t?

Do you think such a moment is coming? I pray it’s not.

However, what started out as “two weeks to flatten the curve” has morphed into “take this experimental shot made by literally one of the largest criminal organization in the United States or lose your job.” Not everywhere is this so. And I pray this madness goes away. But evil has gained so much ground in the past two years. They’ve got such momentum.

And so I am in two minds. Are you?

Will the Great Reset will fizzle out? Do you presume this because the hysteria seems to be fizzling out? With God as my witness I hope the Great Resent fizzles out. I hope Klaus Schwab’s dreams are wrecked. I hope Bill Gates becomes the laughing stock of the world. I hope he and Fauci go to jail.

Then I see video of NYC police arresting unvaxxed people at a Burger King for violating its vaxx mandate, reminding me there will always be those who will do anything for a paycheck. Then return negative emotions 2020 and 2021 made me feel. Then I once again think that normalcy’s gone.

Of course it hurts to think this.

See, we’ve all had conscious and unconscious projections of how life would unfold from 2019 onward that were altered by 2020. You know the pain of these alterations forced you to bring those projections to the forefront of your mind for analysis. You know how all this made you feel – and it probably wasn’t fun unless you were one of the new billionaires.

So how do you feel about your analysis now? Has the whipsawing of emotions subsided? Do you think about it? Not think about it?

Only you can answer these questions. I know I struggle with them. People mad with power have deprived us of the certainty we all crave for imagining a happy future. This deprivation has hurt us, depressed us, and literally killed not just a few of us. It’s dangled ever before our eyes like a carrot. It’s a form of psychological torture for the sake of making us comply.

You’re not alone if you’re hurting in the confusion. I’m confused. I’m hurt.

It hurts that many don’t care about my hurt. It hurts that many don’t care which way the future will go because they’ll take normalcy at any price. It hurts that no one knows what normalcy is any more.

But there is faith in God. My faith is in Jesus Christ. The confusion and pain of this life is a burning away of all things not of God so we can be with him in the next life. I know we must let go of many things for peace. If we do let go of them, we shall have it. If not, not.

That’s been the hardest thing since February of 2020. How do I let go? How do I accept that circumstances are so beyond my control that I can only ride the storm?

Maybe it’s always been like that. Maybe imaginings of control have always been illusory. If so, no time’s better than the present to let go, and have the courage – the faith – to face the Great Unknown.

After all, it is impossible to please God without faith.