“It’s bloody awful depressing,” said the man from England about the recent weather in Northern Arizona. “I haven’t seen the sun for weeks.”

“Well, of course we always need the rain in Arizona, and you can never have too much, but, yes, it is bloody awful depressing,” I responded.

And this is true. From June until December Arizona has gotten outstanding rain. It’s been the answer of the prayers of many, and the winter rainy season has only begun. There will be more days of rain and snow that will diminish the threat of fire when summer arrives.

And it’s also true that it’s been dreary. For two weeks the sun hasn’t shined. This gets to you wherever you’re from.

And it can especially be harder for Arizonans who become addicted to the happiness of omnipresent sunshine. Literally, if you google “sunniest place on earth,” it will show Yuma, Arizona. Thus, it’s no exaggeration that winter can hit Arizonans hard.

But then sunlight breaks through clouds. Rocks glow below a dark sky. This one moment redeems the day.

Then time passes and winter becomes spring. A harmony between warmth and coolness dispose you to spend hours outside staring at light, color and form of land and sky. May days in Northern Arizona are far more appreciated by locals who go through winter gloom.

Winter dreariness makes May happiness. This is true. And it is true everywhere.

But sometimes winter is not so dreary, like today.

I don’t know which of the two photos are better. The top or middle or bottom one?