Heavenly Father, these are times like I’ve never seen before. Everyone feels there is some big change welling upward from a source we don’t fully understand. Some believe that change is good. Others do not. How that change will ultimately play itself out is yet unknown. Thus, it seems incumbent upon us all to pray for a good change, in spite of the fact that evil seems to be coming.

After all, the world appears to be moving only in the direction of evil. So many former believers have lost their Christian faith and replaced it with new forms of old paganism. So many never believed in the first place because modern cultures have framed Christ as a fairy tale while framing what truly are fairy tales as reality. So many have forgone the discernment you gave all people for the sake of knowing truth, and now distract themselves with cultural garbage offered through drugs, television and the internet.

I do not wish to sound harsh, Lord. And I am not saying I’m guiltless in the degeneration of American culture into Samaritan rubble. You know my sins. You know my weaknesses. There’s nothing I can hide from you.

Nonetheless, you gave us words like in Hosea 4:6, which say “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” so that we can step back from the world and discern harsh truths that we may change through prayer and action. It is precisely because of our tendency not to declare or even know harsh truths that the world seems only to be moving in the direction of evil. This is what I truly think, Lord.

And, now, virtually every government on the earth is trying to force upon us experimental shots under the pretext of fighting a virus of unknow origin. Those governments, including American governments, are using some of the most diabolical tactics one human being can use on another. They’re introducing vaxx mandates and passports. They’re threating to take away joys and livelihoods. They’re literally threatening to take away our abilities to feed ourselves. This type of coercion mirrors almost perfectly the Mark of the Beast wrote about in Revelation 13:12, and this is a source of deep distress.

Lord, how is it that people can become so cruel and uncaring? How can they so easily take the attitude that fathers and mothers deserve to see their children suffer, or even starve, for refusing to take this experimental shot? Do they not see their cruelty? Or do they and just not care?

Of course, not everyone advocates vaxx passports. But there are still so many who are indifferent to these mandates either because they’ve taken the shots, and think they’re not such a big deal, or, because they’re willing to accept normalcy at any price. There are a million causes for insouciance, and this insouciance may be the most disconcerting thing of all.

And now medical tyrants across the globe are saying children ages 5 to 11 should get the shot, and countless thousands, maybe millions, will go along with this. This is evil. This is insane. The ones who could suffer the most are the most innocent. Please do not let the innocent suffer, Lord. Please protect the lives of children from adults who have relinquished their consciences to the gods of the world. And forgive those who have so relinquished their consciences for they don’t know that consciences exist to defy worldly sentiments in the first place. No one ever told them this. No one ever told them so many things.

And of course there’s no conversation hosted by mass media as to what the experimental shots are really doing. I can’t say I know, Father. Maybe they’re as safe as Donald Trump and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC all say they are. But the most impudent censorship, at least that America has ever seen, which stifles even the slightest critical examination of the safety of the shots, in spite of countless claims across the world that they are potentially cataclysmic to humanity, should be a huge red flag to every soul.

But it’s not, Lord.

Of course, Americans have been indifferent to the killing of babies in the womb for decades, and acceptance of this evil has been radiating outward to make us more accepting of other pagan barbarities. This, coupled with the most powerful propaganda infrastructure the world has ever seen, and a lack of critical thinking skills such propaganda fosters, altogether make us susceptible to insanities that no one would have taken seriously a mere five years ago. It’s all moving so fast.

There are other evils, Lord, worthy of prayer. I don’t have the wherewithal right now to address them. I guess now I better understand why Paul said, “pray without ceasing.”

Nonetheless, comfort those going through hell right now. Comfort fathers and mothers who don’t know where future paychecks are coming from. Comfort children who are growing up in a harsher environment that their violated innocence doesn’t understand. Give them all courage to hold fast to their convictions, so they can inspire us all to resist the growing evil.

Provide a means for those who lose their jobs. Provide sustenance for their children. Give them all hope. Give them joy. Give them what they need in these times.

Open the eyes of those who are insouciant to this evil. Make them see that their insouciance will only grow this evil to a point where it will swallow them whole. Make them understand they can’t bury their heads in the sand forever.

Open the eyes of those who applaud and further this evil. Make them see this evil will swallow them too. Make them see that this growing diabolical authoritarianism will morph into something that will inevitably violate all that is sacred to them as well. They think they are on the side of right, and will always be so, but you know that evil has no loyalty.

Help them all know this, Father, before it’s too late.

For, I know there will come a time when those who have sold their soul to Satan will have their eyes opened, and they will see the full breadth of their treachery towards mankind, and their wailing and gnashing of teeth will be heard throughout their whole descent into that lake of fire. As much as these evil people have hurt me and billions of others, I still have pity for their lost souls, and I pray they be saved before being lost forever.

Open the eyes of the blind, Lord.

There are many scared people across the world now. Comfort all those who are frightened. Give us all reasons to be courageous. Make us all hopeful.

After all, Satan is powerful, Lord. He knows how to make us comply. He’s had millennia of practice, while our lives are so short. But we have access to your divine power through prayer to make right wrongs that are beyond the power of the individual. Take up our cause. Fight our battles for us.

I know you will make this world right in your ordained way. If those who see the evil must suffer greatly before you do, let thy will be done. Give us the strength to be faithful to the end.

In the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.