Continued from Higher Realms Part II

See, life’s not just about you. It’s not just about your comforts, distractions and addictions.

Society is made of individuals. Each one affects the other. Nations of cowards and fools will be ruled by tyrants.

Do you care about this? Deep down, I think you do. So why act like a teenager? Why not do your part for the side of right? Why not try to better yourself and expand your influence to effect good changes for yourself and those around you? Why not turn off your television, or stop playing video games, or stop getting drunk every night, and, for example, read a book you’ve always wanted to read? Why not take small steps every day in the direction of temperance, courage, self-reliance, and intelligence?

Hey, for starters, what if you were to make a list of all the little things you want or need to do, especially those things you’ve put off for days or years, and JUST DO THEM, as opposed to settling down for another evening of indulgence in trash? This does motivate you. It changes your priorities.

However, if you’re incapable of doing any of the above, you should be man enough to admit to yourself. You should be man enough to admit that you’re addicted to trash. If you can’t stop watching TV, playing video games, watching porn, drinking beer, smoking pot, or whatever action that can lead you away from the higher realms of life, admit it to yourself. Quit lying to yourself.

Of course, admitting this to yourself will sting. You know what though? You’re a man. Toughen up. Your supposed to take pain like this, and, for some, that sting will motivate good change. Others might require more sting before they change, and some will never change. Which one are you? Be honest with yourself. Honesty is a big step towards courage and motivation.

Again, I wish I knew what to say to those who feel hopelessly trapped by consequences of poor decisions. I had a lot of structure in my life when young which disciplined me to make many good decision, in spite of my many bad decisions. Thus, I don’t know what’s it feels like to be at the end of my rope. All grace and compassion we can muster is warranted unto those who are.

Nonetheless, those drowning in sin must either sink or swim. There is no other choice. If some men don’t start making the right decisions right now, they will sink. They will lose their jobs, or their families, or their lives. It’s that simple. But if they do decide to swim, over time, with the pain of discipline, their lives will improve.

And I just said a magical word: discipline.

To discipline yourself is to train yourself in a controlled and habitual way. It is to consciously and deliberately forgo temptations that take you away from an objective or goal. Discipline isn’t necessarily fun. But so what?. You don’t always want to go to the gym, but, if you do, your muscles will get bigger. You won’t notice improvement instantly. Good things take time. But you know that if you keep at it, perhaps even for a little bit, you will see improvements. You know you must persevere through laziness, distraction, addiction, and pain to attain an objective.

The obstacle is the way. Your current unempowered state is the result of yielding, too often, to that which takes you away from your objectives. You habituated laziness, and because habits are so ingrained, you think they’re as much a part of you as breathing is.

Of course that’s not true. You know failure and success both result from habits, and your habits result from ideas at the core of your being which you have consciously and subconsciously sewn. Thus, you can control them, or they can control you.

So what kind of man are you? Are you a little boy who spends his free hours playing video games, watching porn and smoking pot? Are you a fatty that subsists on tacos and beer? Are you a dummy for never having the focus to educate yourself on a subject you may find fascinating? If so, would you admit you are letting your weaknesses control you?

Would you admit you are exactly as the bastards who control populations want you to be? Again, they want you addicted to trash so you will not become a more formidable man capable of speaking and acting contrary to their narratives of manhood and reality. They want you to act like the emasculated fools you see in beer commercials, hell, in most commercials nowadays. This isn’t exaggeration. They want you fat, stupid, lazy, drunk, etc.

Now, the higher realms I would like to see more men strive for are not miserable states of being. Frankly, they’re the opposite.

Just because a fit man doesn’t pig out on beer and pizza doesn’t mean he’s devoid of all joy of food. It’s that he doesn’t experience the fleeting ones you get when you pig out. He has no interest in pigging out on trash because he doesn’t want to feel like trash himself. His joys are different. His body and mind are wired differently to create higher emotions through other thoughts and actions that your mental wiring, as it currently is, does not produce in the same volume. Whichever addictions to the trash of our culture you have prevent this.

But you can rewire yourself.


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