Continued from Higher Realms Part I

Obviously, a large percentage of people couldn’t care less about being vigilant of their thoughts. Some are literally like the people in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy. Life consists of eating, sleeping, potty, amusement and certainly no thing of a higher or nobler nature. Reading books is for fags, and some of these types degenerate to an almost animal-like existence.

There are many reasons for this. All of them are unfortunate. With God as my witness, I wish I knew what to say to make people walk away from their addictions to trash. I wish I knew how to inspire people to love the truth, and seek higher realms of reality, and set themselves free from oppressions to the body, mind and soul.

Now, by saying this, I’m not saying I’m totally free from those same oppressions myself. I’m a fallible, sinning man. I don’t have life figured out, and I deeply suspect anyone who says they do. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try! That doesn’t mean you let your base impulses control your mind.

Evil people have studied us like lab rats for centuries, and they know how to exploit our base impulses – our weaknesses and fears and sins – so they can control us. They mock morality. They encourage hedonism. They set up models of behavior for us to follow which, in some form or fashion, encourage brazen indulgence in the trash that distracts us from the prime directive God set in our hearts to improve ourselves. They want us defiled and degenerated so were not capable of resisting the erection of tyrannical governing systems. They want us dependent upon them for order, prosperity and happiness by broadcasting the lie that we can’t create these good things for ourselves, and, unfortunately, many believe this. The past two years evince the evil behind the ideology of liberalism perfectly.

Unfortunately, regardless of the source of Covid-19, and regardless of how deadly it truly was, and regardless of how much good was in the hearts of those in government who advocated tyranny to fight the virus, tyranny gained ground. It’s now more acceptable. Evil people will exploit these new powers gained over society for their own selfish and ulterior agendas, which only the naivest would dispute. I think we all feel more terrible changes coming because we saw how easily people surrendered their freedoms because of fear, and that tens of millions would do this again. All the elites need now are different fears, and even if you won’t believe the narrative behind the next crisis, you know those others will, and tyranny will grow even more.

Indeed, this causes me despair. For decades I’ve seen people duped time and time again with false flags and false narratives. I sometimes literally can’t believe my eyes – especially when people wear masks in the forest all by themselves. It is simply that they believe the mainstream narrative. They don’t question it. They don’t reject it. It’s gospel. It’s science. I don’t know what it will take for people to wake up, en masse, to the deception. Unfortunately, I think society must fall apart, and people must face calamities, before they begin to wonder how things went so far. I don’t wish to believe this, but, I’ve seen too much for too long to believe otherwise. It’s like Noah knowing the Flood’s coming. The real question is whether or not the good guys will have the time and means to restore a free world before the bad guys prevent this.

No one can answer that question now, and this gives me hope.

The fact is the lying bastards want you to think that you are alone. They want you to think that the version of reality they represent on television is indicative of the mentality of most people. That’s not true. Regardless of what percentage of Americans see the talking heads on television as lying or honest, the fact is that the bastards must continue telling bigger and bigger lies to keep their agendas going. Thus, their lies will become more and more transparent.

They must also implement more brazen levels of censorship in the face of an American people who feel disturbance in seeing the sacred First Amendment under attack. The fact that the bad guys are censoring social media like never before ONLY attests to the fact that the voice of the individual makes a difference. It does. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t censor in the first place. The fact is that though one lone voice may not change the world, one lone voice will change that individual speaking, and probably those around him.

Truth is contagious. Courage is contagious. WE follow them because they resonate with our souls. Thus, in this war of words raging against your spirit I believe you have a duty is to be as courageous as possible so that others, by your example, may do the same.

Could you imagine what would happen if the good guys, who outnumber the bad guys 100,000 to 1, all woke up at once? It would be glorious.