There are powerful ideas that will change your life. They are real. They exist.

Those ideas are the base upon which other ideas rest. Cumulatively they form paradigms and passions. Their effects manifest through your actions, and what those actions are, and how much joy or misery they create, are up to you entirely.

Regardless, your ideas ideas control your actions. Your ideas control you. Are you aware of this? Do you know those ideas at the core of your being that control you? Do they empower you to take right actions? Are they good?

Or have you never thought about this before? Do you have no idea what I mean? If not, your mind is likely filled with TRASH.

Yes, trash. So much of American culture is trash. It grabs a hold of you, and destroys your chances for a better life. It’s Hollywood, Netflix, social media, news, pop music, sports, video games, drugs, booze, processed foods, GMO’s, high-fructose corn syrup, fluoride – and I could go on for pages – which all make you sicker, stupider, and thus more vulnerable to evil people who are using those things against you like a weapon. There is a war for your body, mind and soul.

And I don’t care if that sounds ridiculous. Open your eyes. Look at at how much we’ve changed the past two years. We went from “two weeks to slow the spread” to “take this experimental shot or lose your job so your kids starve” rather quickly. Do you think good people are at the helms of the governments of the world, and are truly seeking to move humanity in the right direction through mandates like vaxxine passports? I hope not. I realize millions would answer yes, but I think there are many more millions who would answer no. They know we’re moving in the wrong direction. They know the growing authoritarianism seen across the world evinces perfectly a coordinated war on your mind, body and soul, with the ultimate intention of enslaving us. Such is Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

People used to imagine flying cars in the future. Now they imagine post-apocalyptic worlds of Mad Max or The Hunger Games. I’m not going to go through all the steps as to how projections of our future changed, but, do you think about the future? Do you care how the direction in which the world is currently going will affect you? Are you even curious?

If not, why not? Seriously, why not? Is it because you have no energy? Is it because you believe it’s impossible to do anything about it? Is it because you’re afraid to know the truth, or afraid you’ll feel stupid in trying to learn the truth? Or are you just completely freakin’ dead inside?

Look, I don’t know you. I’m not presuming anything about you. But I know this fear and apathy I’m pointing at is present within a large percentage of Americans today. I think you know this too.

But don’t get me wrong. I know everyone seeks to tune out the world at times. We all need to turn our mental programming off to relax. However much Hollywood, TikTok, television, video games, beer, marijuana or even porn – which is NEVER good – or whatever else you consume to relax is your prerogative.

However, these mindless distractions – this cultural trash – are not supposed to be things you live for! God made you for far more than this. He made you to use your mind and body to effect good change in the world around you. The best way to effect that change is to improve yourself, and the best way to improve yourself is to know yourself, that is, know those ideas at the core of your being that motivate you to whichever action. Change those ideas and you change your actions.

This requires vigilance. This requires you to carefully watch the thoughts that run through your mind. This requires you to be cognizant of your actions.