Yes, those who know me know I hate masks. And, if there is one thing we’ve gotten a ton of in the past year, it’s people’s opinions on masks.

However, I’m not done. I REALLY, REALLY hate them. You should too.

There are many who say it’s no infringement on your freedom to wear a mask. They say that such an act of consideration is worth any inconvenience. They say only immature fools or right-wing extremists have a problem with masks.


Now, I don’t want to get into the argument regarding the effectiveness of masks. To me, Florida and Sweden settled that debate a long time ago. If masks were effective, the death rates would have been much lower in blue areas. They weren’t.

Don’t believe me?

Check out Tom Woods’ website There he shows you charts of hospitalizations of states with similar demographics, and lets you guess which chart comes from the state with mask mandates, and which one doesn’t. Take a wild guess what this shows.

But let’s get to the heart of this post.

Forcing me to wear a mask is forcing me to participate in a lie.

Forcing me to wear a mask is forcing me to participate in the lie that masks are effective, and that government has the right to force this on us.

But the worst lie has been that Covid-19 – whatever it really is – was such a threat to humanity that all the old rules of society needed to be thrown out and new rules needed to be written.

From the beginning I have taken the symbol of the mask as being forced to accept this lie. I have taken it as symbol of physical repression of my mind and soul which have been screaming that the mainstream Covid Narrative the past two years has been a sham, lie, fraud, deception, and attack. And, I think this repression of the individual through forced masking has been an exactly intended tactic of psychological warfare to condition us into accepting the Great Reset.

I don’t care if people think that’s stupid. I don’t care if people would mock that there were such sinister motives for this Covid Narrative. There just comes a point where you realize that some will always take the blue pill. They will always stick their heads in the sand. They are too afraid.

I will never get used to seeing people wear masks. No, I don’t despise those forced to wear them for work. I don’t. But those who still wear them voluntarily, especially because they think they’re projecting virtue, well, maybe I should leave that opinion for another post…