In Part IV I said fire was coming.

That’s because rage is inside me. Whether its presence is good or bad, I know why it’s there.

Like I said, the fact that every single American doesn’t understand what ketosis is testifies to the utter failure of America’s government schools. Knowledge so fundamental to a healthy and happy life should be understood by first grade.

But the fact that health education in government schools is virtually non-existent isn’t accidental. It’s intentional. The evil ones that control America’s educational institutions don’t want us healthy, strong and intelligent. They want us sickly, weak and stupid.

Of course, this malevolence goes beyond mere 9th grade health. It’s in all subjects. The overwhelming majority of students who graduate from government schools don’t become life-long learners. Their minds are not filled with wonder for God’s creation that causes them to ask questions and seek answers on their own. Learning sucked as a kid, and, as an adult, they still think it sucks.

Look, I know there are some passionate teachers in government schools. I know some inspire students IN SPITE OF government protocols limiting them. These men and women do deserve respect.

At the same time, there are countless garbage teachers. There are. They don’t deserve a pass. They don’t deserve our gratitude. They deserve our rebuke, and they deserve to be fired.

Let’s cut the crap. An obscene amount were brainwashed at hyper-liberal universities, which means they know nothing about what Americans should know to perpetuate the ideal of this country. They’re not scholars. They’re not inspiring. So many are fat, stupid and lazy. They spend their free-time indulging in trash like everyone else. They don’t appreciate the opportunity to inspire young minds to higher realms by endeavoring to seek those realms themselves.

Thus, my point is that if you went to American government schools, there’s a good chance these words resonate with you. They should. After all, how many millions of Americans’ minds were poisoned by “education?” Considering how much we’ve changed in just the past two years, I think that question is 100% legitimate. The zombie-like insouciance I see towards the great resetting of our world reveals we don’t have a foundation anymore. We never learned one.

And that’s especially so nowadays! Critical race theory, cancel culture, the evil white man version of history – NO! I mean, even after my almost two freakin’ decades of education, which includes a bachelors degree in economics, it was only after college that I learned one of the single greatest lessons in all history, that is, the power of freedom to unleash the human potential. There’s a reason the world went from the horse and plow to the stars in 100 years. American history’s one of the greatest stories ever told.

But the evil ones don’t want this story told. They don’t want minds enthralled by its lessons. They don’t want people re-awakening to their birth rights so they can take them back from the evil ones in government who stand to lose everything.

The Orwellians want a population just smart enough to perform basic functions of operating the machine, and not inventing a better one, that is, a better and freer society.

Of course, it’s not just history. I think we all remember that sinking feeling of having to go to a chapter in a heavy, hard-back literature book filled with snippets and short stories that bored us to tears. I hated English classes! I hated literature! I hated writing!

So many books and stories sucked. And even good ones were discussed in uninspiring ways. To me, literature was just crap that women – as all my English teachers were women – prattled on about to sound intelligent. I couldn’t have cared less about A Tale of Two Cities, Romantic poems, Huckleberry Finn, Walden Pond, etc. These weren’t words that convey brilliance shining for centuries. No. It was all boring crap!

Then there were science, art and other elective classes…

Look, I don’t need to go on. Truly, I have zero compunction in saying that government schools destroy the fire within. AGAIN, they teach that learning sucks, and adults take this attitude with them for the rest of their lives. Instead of seeking to improve themselves through life-long education, which education should inspire, adults spend their leisure hours… well, you know…

So, there’s the challenge. How does one make another feel the joy of seeking truth? How does one convince another that knowledge empowers by giving you conviction in the things you say and do? How does one illustrate that new opportunities and new worlds appear from an inspired imagination?

I wish I knew the exact ways to do this. But because I don’t know those exact ways for every man, woman and child doesn’t mean I’m not stating the dang truth! I am!

Thus, as I have also already said, at some point a man must be honest with himself. He must look at how he spends his time. He must look at what he feeds his body and mind. He must concern himself with the direction that this country is going, and find some way to break free from the snares.

Frankly, I think a lot of men need an ass-chewing. They need to be shamed for how little they know about the world outside their own little one. They need to be shamed for only being capable of talking about people and anecdotes. They need to be shamed for being so bloody stupid.

You say I’m being harsh, caustic and arrogant? You say I’m being a bad person? I don’t care. As Howard Beale ranted in 1976’s movie Network:

“You do whatever the tube tells you! You dress like the tube; you eat like the tube; you raise your children like the tube; you even think like the tube! This is mass madness, you maniacs!” 

It is madness. So, when I see people getting excited about the Super Bowl, which has a much impact on your life as Days of our Lives, I can’t help myself. It’s a distraction. It’s a Trojan Horse. It’s trash. There are 10,000 more interesting things!

But I’ve made my point.


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