I’ll never forget the several days after 911. I was living in Mckinney, Texas, which was north of Dallas. Dallas may have been the part of the United States most favorable to George W Bush, and, thus, I was afforded the chance to witness the zeal of his most brainwashed supporters.

Now, of course, the news agencies were portraying the events in New York as tragic, and, of course, they were. Almost 3,000 people died. Many more were going to die.

However, I didn’t see one tear shed by any person who believed the narrative espoused by mainstream media. Not one single tear. Why? Because, to them, I don’t think 911 was a truly tragic event. It was just something they saw on television. The horror and carnage were not real, firsthand experiences, and therefore didn’t conjure real emotions.

Frankly, I saw excitement. I truly think a lot of North Dallas conservative white men were excited about the wars that were coming. America was going to kick some Muslim ass. America was going to save the day, and the news was going to be a lot more exciting!

As I wrote in What I tried to teach my students on September 11th, 2001:

“I could see jingoism taking over their minds. I knew they’d give moral support for whatever war and police state measures would ensue. Their pride, fear, naivete and misguided sense of patriotism seemed too strong to be pierced by rational discussion. Interpretations outside the official narrative caused apoplectic responses. Only emotion governed.”

What I’m saying isn’t exaggeration. I truly believe Americans were excited about the new War on Terror like they would be excited about seeing a Captain America movie. This evinces cognitive dissonance.

Now, maybe mankind has always suffered from such because of war. After all, mankind has always marched happily off to wars for glory and conquest. Mankind has always tended to relegate the horrors of war to a lesser status than it deserves to occupy our minds in contemplating such a terrible thing. This lack of critical thinking, I believe, is why populations have continuously allowed themselves to be slaughtered, century after century, in wars fomented by their ruling elites.

Time hasn’t changed humanity much. In fact, with population-manipulating technology that is literally Orwellian in this 21st century, I say humanity’s unprecedented lack of critical thinking on war, especially in America, is full-on cognitive dissonance. After all, it’s fun to watch its gore in movies, and TV’s news broadcasts can be just as dramatic and engrossing. To cheer it all on as moral makes Americans feel strong. I do say Americans were excited about the new War on Terror as they were about seeing Saving Private Ryan because both allowed them to experience unprecedentedly heightened sensations of glory from killing without any of its consequences.

Of course, I doubt Americans would be cheering on Little Johnny’s death if they were actually on the battlefield watching his head explode with their own eyes. I doubt they would so easily clamor for war if their fat asses had to fight it. But they sure can do it from a sofa. Then, of course, they can feed their egos, and project how virtuous they are when they say idiotic slogans like, “I support the troops.”

I still shake my head sometimes when I remember grown men saying that. It’s the same mindlessness as “I follow the science.” It’s the same mindlessness as “I stand with Ukraine.”

Thus, as the US GOVERNMENT and NATO escalate tensions with a nuclear super-power, I think it’s important to remember the above part of American history from W’s regime. I think it’s important to remember that war is hell, and that no war should ever be waged without exhausting ourselves mentally in finding an alternate solution. Going to war should make us sick to our stomachs. It should only be the result of utter desperation in finding no other solution for defending our lives and property.

I don’t see this. I don’t see tact or diplomacy. I don’t see calls to understand Putin’s decision but through manufactured propaganda points. I don’t see intelligent discussions of the geopolitical history of that part of the world. I see blustering. I see propaganda. I see fake news. I see Americans saying, “We need to get rid of Putin,” and of course they have ZERO idea of how horrific a scenario that would be for the entire world.

I see Americans, once again, falling for war. That’s because of their mass state of cognitive dissonance brought about by years of brain-damaging television. Add to this fluoride, prescription drugs, countless shots, GMO foods, heavy metals in their brains, Hollywood propaganda, cellphone addiction, social media distraction, no savings, taxes and countless other stressors, and you have a nation of zombies who are incapable of the critical thought necessary to perpetuate a civilization.

Only the greatest of divine intervention can save the United States of America, and I can’t see why God would be so merciful to this land. I can’t.