Words like these makes me want to puke.

However, let’s presume there are people who truly want to be Rambo and fight in Ukraine but are prevented from joining the military because of health or age or whatever. Why not go anyway? Is Ukraine not still taking volunteers? If you feel that killing Russians thousands of miles from your home in the United States is such a moral thing to do, are you not being immoral by not finding some way to do this? Sell jewelry. Sell your car. Borrow money.

Of course, I don’t believe people who say such things.

Since WWII Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that Americans must fight and die all over the world to protect their homes in North America. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that if they are not killing people outside of America, the “bad guys” will come here and kill us all. President Eisenhower witnessed firsthand the development of the military-industrial complex from the beginning, and understood how its lust for taxpayer money would compel it to take over all foreign policy relations, and seek war everywhere, and attempted to warn Americans of this new and evil power in his Farewell Address, which of course we ignored. Thus, the continuation of the Cold War. Thus, Vietnam. How many thousands of American deaths, and hundreds of thousands of foreigner deaths, came about after the murder of JFK is a good question to consider.

The false-flag attack of 911 – and it was a false flag attack – reignited within Americans fears of an existential threat formerly provided by the Soviet Union. The result was the War on Terror, which was basically a permanent pretext for war against any country remotely near the Middle East. 911 also brought about a permanently enlarged police and surveillance state within our borders, which all totalitarian regimes must have to maintain their base of power. We accepted all this un-American insanity – especially Republicans!

Thus, well over 100 million Americans – and it may be over 200 million – think nothing of sending Little Johnny to Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and God knows where to else to have their heads blown apart by shrapnel as they fight the “bad guys.” They think it’s perfectly normal. They think maintaining hundreds of thousands of soldiers across the world is as American as apple pie.

THAT’S INSANE. The American Empire exists only because we live in such a bubble, and are completely removed from the inner workings of Washington DC. Billion and trillion dollar interest groups trump there. YOU DON’T.

War is the sum of all evils. It is one of the most terrible things humanity can engage in. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to understand this.

However, war makes great television! Truly, Americans take such a casual attitude in approving the horrors of war because of the incredible mind-altering power of the modern media infrastructure that operates almost in every way like George Orwell warned us it would. The disconnect from reality created by this most powerful propaganda matrix the world has ever seen creates mental blocks that prevent them considering the full gravity of any war, much less war with Russia. Thus, I liberally use the term “cognitive dissonance.”

Thus, Americans run their mouths. They say stupid, stupid things. They say a war is good with the same depth of critical thought behind them saying Bill Bellicheck should have called a pass instead of run, or the same depth of critical thought behind saying Captain America should have used Godzilla to kill Thanos. Visual media has blurred our perceptions to a degree where, I say, we are literally losing our humanity and turning into Borg.

My point is that critical thought does not go into Americans calling for war with Russia. I doubt much more goes into those who say, “I would fight if I could.”

These people should be shamed.


Featured Image of Rambo from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:John_Rambo.jpg