As I have said in other blogs, the world’s going insane. Though I’ve seen evil beyond the veil of official narratives for decades, it still blows my mind how insouciant Americans are to the erection of institutional powers that are radically changing every aspect of our society for the worse. Lockdowns and vaxx mandates were some of the most evil things I’ve ever seen.

However, most don’t care about such grave injustices because most aren’t rooted in proper cultural understanding. They don’t have understanding of the past and therefore don’t have convictions of what should be. They are willing to accept willy-nilly whichever new thing, and call it progress because their demagogues call it progress. “Yeah, let’s lock ourselves down! Great idea!”

So I escape into solitude… perhaps more than I should.

Now, solitude is something I consider very healthy. To be alone with your thoughts is to better know them. It is to better know who you are. When you embrace their existence, they become more a part of your character.

Many run away from their thoughts. They’re afraid they’ll lead to some panicked state. So they drown out their thoughts with incessant noise and distraction. They’re addicted to phones and televisions. They are addicted to the presence of others who prevent them from being alone. In the process they run away from who they are, and become ever-more a mere projection of whom their imperfect understanding of self tells them to be. They’re puppets. They’re hollow. They are.

(Maybe that sounds harsh. But I don’t care. The world needs more than anything bluntness.)

At the same time, solitude can become comfortable to a point that is not healthy. When you’re away from others, and the pulse of society doesn’t ripple through your mind, your thoughts can saturate your being to a point where any social contact diverting you from them can become quite irritating. A recent loss of temper towards a maskhole at a grocery store – after the clown called me a racist for telling him to read RFK’s The Real Anthony Fauci – made me realize my solitude provoked this. It did.

Other examples I can give of recent irritations with my fellow man resulting from my prolongued solitude. I don’t want to though. Just trust me. They’re there.

Thus, as much as I can praise the blessings of Nature, like some wannabe Emerson, I also must say that far above mountains and canyons stands mankind in God’s hierarchy of favor. We are his most prized Creation. We are made in his image and likeness. That likeness refers to our conscious minds capable of discerning patterns of reality no other being can. In our minds and actions can be reflected his glory (though it is his glory not ours).

Thus, I know I must never lose sight of the Second Great Commandment to “love my neighbor as myself.” Solitude which impels me towards not doing this is solitude that is not godly. To be in the presence of the light of the best of mankind, I say, is far more edifying than glowing coral canyons.

Oh Lord, help me love… even maskholes, libtards, soy boys, wokesters, so on and so forth.