This is a weird observation of myself, and probably humanity, regarding nature…

We get caught up in the routines of our lives. We go on autopilot. Monotony, stress and disillusionment invariably creep in, and we need a break.

Nature is the great escape for many, as it’s intended to be. Nature is an order of fundamental elements bereft of the Matrix governing mankind – you know, the clocks, phones, traffic, work, television, and other machines which instill within us impulses to behave according to the arbitrary conceptions of how our lives should be lived. Nature is what’s free from this. It’s what’s timeless and reminds us of God’s creative power and thus presence. Its beauty brings us peace so we can re-enter our arbitrary lives.

And why do we forget this all the time?

Seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve been stuck in my routine, stressed and pissed off, and went somewhere outside away from the stupidity I choose to surround myself with, and saw the natural world without the intrusions of mankind, and instantly felt better. Sometimes it radically changes my state of being to where a bad day becomes a great day.

Of course, such a radical change of temperament doesn’t always happen. After all, our thoughts our powerful. We carry that power with us even to the grandest displays of God’s majesty.

But still, so many times I’ve experienced that exact change of temperament! I wonder why I so often let myself get stressed to a point where I forget there are places I can go to remind me that my negative thoughts are pointless.

This is why I love the outdoors. This is why I love Nature. Especially now in the year of our Lord 2022, because the Matrix is so capable of instilling negative thoughts, I seek to escape more. I’m traveling more, and all this came to mind when I saw glowing coral hoodoos outside Bryce Canyon, Utah that brought me to a point of childlike excitement – like I was going to Disneyland – even though I’ve been here before.

Bryce Canyon can still blow my mind. But all nature can. Hell, Ohio did recently, and I’m not exaggerating.