First things first, I’m not boasting about the traveling I’m doing. I’m not trying to project an awesome life through social media. That’s not me. The sacrifices I’ve made to get me here now I fear I’ll one day regret. Plus, anyone who lives out of a Yaris can’t be too boastful.

Nonetheless, I took the summer off. In May and June I drove roughly 7,000 miles from Arizona to Washington to New York and back. I got back to Arizona on Friday June 17th. Distraction and obligation kept me sidelined longer than I wished, but that’s life. However, on Tuesday the 28th of June I returned to the road.

Yes, I’m excited. American highways are awesome. They’re an opportunity to experience wonders that generations in centuries past could never have. The wonders of Western America – especially of the Colorado Plateau – are of a world-class nature. The things you can see in Arizona and Utah alone are mind-blowing. They are. Then, of course, there are the other Western States

I’m excited to capture the Western Magic with my cameras. I can wait all day at one spot for clouds to come and light to change to take 400 photos of the same thing. Getting one awesome shot motivates me to endure monotony and boredom. It’s just something visceral. And I’m excited to figure out a way to sell my photos. I believe I can.

Also, I like just being on the road. I find so many chores and errands to distract myself while at home. Sweep this. Wipe this down. Put this away. Go buy that. I think I’m less productive there. But on the road, my mind is different. Life is different.

Yes, I do miss comforts. I miss cream in my coffee. I miss cold meats I can cook. I miss mindless internet scrolling. I miss DVD’s. I miss my bed.

But, on the road, I do sleep better because I’m camping. Now, I could camp for free in the “dispersed camping” areas of the federal lands out West. However, I don’t want to leave my stuff out in the middle of the forest unattended. To camp for free, I’d have to break camp every morning, and make it every night. That would get old.

So, I find places that range from $10 to $30 a night, be they on federal lands or private property. Yet, from time to time, I will camp for free, or get a motel.

Better sleep makes life better.

And, because I can’t distract myself with chores and errands and internet, I read, type, photograph and exercise more. I’m outside more. I “earth” more. I eat less. Life just feels better.

Then you get to your destination…

I don’t know how long Round II will be. I reserve the right to end it tomorrow. I reserve the right to end it in August or later. I reserve the right to end it, and start Round III the next day. Whatever will be will be.

Grand Canyon’s North Rim was my first target. Then Bryce Canyon, Utah. Then… I didn’t know.

For Round One I blogged every day. I’m gonna try something different this time.