A recent exposure to an Apple phone commercial produced the following…

In the late 80’s, as my father was witnessing Anthony Fauci’s takeover of the medical-pharmaceutical industry, and discovering the CIA’s involvement in cocaine trafficking, and reading about the conspiracy that murdered JFK, he developed quite the habit of yelling at the television.

“Lies! Lies! Lies!” I heard him scream across the house while playing Nintendo.

“You’re a EXPLETIVE liar!” indicated added emotion, but not as much as “EXPLETIVE YOU, YOU EXPLETIVE LIAR!” His invective was legendary. He gave those talking heads a piece of his mind.

I thought he was a little nuts… and maybe he was. However, if so, I’m nuts too. That’s because whenever I come across television commercials – and that’s all I come across because I can’t stomach news or sitcoms or movies any more – the same bad habits desperately want to come out. I despise the sounds of commercials, and I think it’s perfectly healthy to feel that way.

Remember, advertisements for national corporate products – as opposed to local commercials for hardware stores – are the manifestation of large amounts of research into mass psychology. They’re directed at base impulses within debased minds that convince us we’re getting more than the mere product we buy. We’re getting image, self-worth, identity… and even more nowadays.

We’re getting derided, mocked, insulted and degraded. We’re turning into the idiots we see on television because television makes idiotic behavior seem plausible. It normalizes it. If you’re constantly exposed to the portrayal of idiots heeding idiotic impulses – that is, if you watch hours of TV a week – and don’t get angry too, well, you’re probably one of the idiots too.

Yes you are.

They’re advertising physical and psychological trash meant to turn you into obese globs of flesh seen in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy. They’re taking away your mental and physical powers so you can be corralled like cattle. They’re dehumanizing you.

Maybe saying this isn’t nice. But it’s true.