It is my opinion that those who call themselves a Republican or Conservative (which I tend to use interchangeably hereafter) should be libertarians. The word “libertarian” is just the modern vernacular for “classical liberal.” The Founders of America were classical liberals.

Broadly stated, conservatives are supposed to be conserving the classical liberal values which made the United States of America arguably the greatest nation the earth has ever seen – and I don’t say that because I’m some ardent Trumper. As I said in One of the greatest lessons in all history from the United States of America, something amazing happened here. There was an unleashing of the power of mankind which made things happen here that had never happened in all the history of the world. In just a fraction of the time of man’s existence, there were agricultural and technological improvements which allowed the earth’s population to soar into the billions in the 20th century.

Ultimately, what made America great, and what could make America great again, is liberty, or freedom. Classical liberals believed free societies could elevate mankind to amazing new heights. They were right. American history proves this. Freedom unleashes potential. It empowers us to seek a better way of doing things. We are incentivized to imagine, innovate, create and bring to market our best productions – in whichever field of endeavor – because we know that the fruits of our labor will not be stolen by greedy government bureaucrats or monopolists who have government license to destroy competitors. Granted, because we live in a lost and broken world, where our sinful natures are a powerful reality, no human system is going to be perfect.

Nonetheless, in spite of rotten fruits, the average person has a far cleaner, safer, healthier and longer life than his ancestors. Food and material abundance came to exist by 1900 that would have astounded everyone in 1800. The rise of living standards of the West, especially in America, which also created a rise in living standards across the world, is unequivocally due to that unleashing of human powers ultimately resulting from the recognition and protection of the individual’s sacred rights to life, liberty and property. It is that simple.

Conservative Americans at a visceral level, though they may not be able to articulate the above as succinctly, understand this. They know they’re supposed to be carrying into the future the light of civilization from generations past, especially back to Jesus Christ, because that light would still make the modern world a better place. Mankind has not reached the limits of his creative capacity. There are still innovations and inventions that could elevate our lives even further. Freedom can still better our world in spite of the mountains of oppressions upon us.

America has lost its way. It changed dramatically in the 20th century. A full explanation of the dynamics that took us from a classically liberal and predominantly Christian society is not pertinent now. Rest assured, though, that an unholy alliance of powerful institutions consisting of banks, corporations and government, with the Federal Reserve System as the nexus, worked together in unison to change Americans’ perceptions of reality and instill values that are falsely labeled as “progressive” or “compassionate” in the form of modern liberalism, which is essentially antithetical to classical liberalism. Though this unholy alliance has failed to turn everyone into a Marxist-Democrat, it has substantially altered the meaning of the word “conservative” to a point that Conservative Americans in 2022 have dramatically different values than conservatives in 1900.

Far, far too many of those who call themselves Conservatives have no understanding of the particular mechanics of societal organization that make a people free or not. I address these mechanics in my post THE most important lessons Americans never learned. A full synopsis is unnecessary here, but, I will reiterate that it is because we never learned these mechanics we can accept the Federal Reserve System, the New Deal, the Welfare State, the Warfare State, the War on Poverty, the War on Terror, the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, NSA surveillance, Obamacare, Covid Lockdowns, Forced Masking, Forced Vaxxing, Wuhan and Ukrainian biolabs, the Great Reset, and thousands upon thousands of other parasitical government programs entirely dependent on We the People to serve as the host body for our own destruction.

Too many Conservatives are statists. They believe in the power of government to force change against the rights of individuals. They’ve swallowed the poison pill that freedom is too archaic for the modern world, which is only the result of ignorance. Thus, too many Republicans don’t have a visceral hatred of the above freedom-destroying institutions. Many clamored for them. But libertarians rightfully hate them. All of the above war upon life, liberty and property. All of them are taking us into a New World Order made by enacting a Great Reset of the world’s societies. The vision of the ruling oligarchs of the world is found in dystopian novels. George Orwell was warning us! Even though this Great Reset is masked as progressive and compassionate and necessary, the libertarian – the REAL AMERICAN – knows it’s nothing but a power grab. It’s a return to serfdom. It’s a regressing – not progressing – to worse times.

It is my opinion that the single greatest legacy of the Presidency of Donald Trump was his making mainstream the notion that there is a Deep State Swamp, that there are gargantuan amounts of Fake News, and that the very core of the The United States of America is under attack by internationalists. What would be derided as “conspiracy theory” ten years ago now plays a pivotal role in the typical Republican’s worldview. Millions of Republicans now see W Bush, McCain and Romney and other “leaders” as mere RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). They know most of the Party is RINO. Thus, they also know that there must come some large change to the whole party and country, but, I’m not sure they really know what that change must be.

That is why I say all Republicans are supposed to be Libertarians. The Propaganda Matrix of the Unholy Alliance has distorted and erased classical liberal – classical American – values to a point where, again, they seem archaic, outdated, ineffective or just plain stupid to resort to now. But that is nonsense. Human nature doesn’t change. Again, freedom can still work because we’re not at the limits of our creative capacities. We need our bodies, minds and souls freed from the mountains of codes, ordinances and rules etc. made by bureaucrats who love ordering lives. Without those bureaucrats – at the local, county, state, federal and international levels – we’re far more capable of innovating ourselves out of the problems of the 21st century. What an amazing world we could create still!

In closing, I address Republicans in this post because they still, nominally at least, profess to believe in liberty, though most haven’t educated themselves in the mechanics of a free society. I believe if they were so educated, they would be libertarians. The would see the light, and would, among other things, repent of the scorn they heaped upon Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, which was Republicanism at its worst.

Though I would certainly invite modern liberals into the classical liberal camp, the fact is that many of them have an unyielding hatred of liberty because, simply put, they are far more brainwashed than Republicans. But that’s for another post…