The strategy behind Divide and Conquer tactics is to compel a people to fight among themselves over contrived grievances so they will not together see the main attack of the enemy instigating the whole ruse.

Black vs White. Men vs Women. Christian vs non-Christian. Liberal vs Conservative. Old vs Young. Good gosh, I don’t know the number of ways evil people have sought to stir up grievances to get us hating each other, and therefore not talking to each other.

Thus, division grows. Irreconcilability grows. A point of no return must be reached. All the while the controlled demolition of the American economy and culture is ignored. Our civilization dies. The Federal Reserve’s inflation is subordinate to January 6th matters. The price of gas is a partisan football, and all the while everything must become more expensive even if you drive a Tesla. Government debt skyrockets to the point where there can only come the recognition that what can’t be paid won’t.

On and on and on I could list issues far more critical to America’s future than what’s talked about by the mainstream. No mature national conversation on the future we share happens. Our own opinions as to what’s most important are drowned out by noise. We can’t speak heartfelt to one another. All is name calling. All is straw man.

The consequent lack of social cohesion undoubtedly creates stress only remedied by our favorite talking head through our favorite electrical screen. Here voices affirm us. Thus, the process snowballs. We are trapped in a cycle of growing disconnect.

I say this is where we are now. That we have the most sophisticated Propaganda Matrix the world has ever seen doesn’t help. That so many don’t even recognize the Matrix existing as a weapon used for Divide and Conquer doesn’t help either – though the number of Americans recognizing this evil is growing.

A civilization’s inability to discuss its core problems have always led to madness and collapse. That core problem, I say, is that our most powerful cultural institutions – government, banking, corporation, education and media – have been hijacked by evil people who hate the values that made America great. Trust in these institutions only continues because of cultural inertia. However, when calamity comes upon us – and it will except for God’s divine intervention – only then, unfortunately, will people then wonder how it all came to pass.

Divide and Conquer is how. Inability to know and speak the Truth is how. I imagine how I feel is how Russians felt in 1917 and Germans in 1938. Madness.