I was listening to Beelzebub’s speech in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. Satan had just addressed the crowd of fallen angels. Beelzebub was furthering Satan’s plans to direct the might of their recently fallen army, consisting of old pagan gods like Mammon and Molech and Baal, towards the newly created realm of Earth in which God’s new creation, man, had just been formed.

The strategy was to wage war on this new realm where the Almighty’s powers could not help but to be weaker for the presence of man, a being certainly weaker than the individuals of the fallen army, especially with Satan as their leader. It was hoped that, at the very least, the conquest of Earth could yield a new home, or perhaps a bargaining chip with the Almighty. After all, what could be lost by such an endeavor? It could yield death, a better fate than hell. Or it could yield hell, where they were now.

Fascinating stuff I say.

Milton’s language is archaic, and sometimes difficult to follow, especially on the road. Yet, it is an avenue of expression whose precision and eloquence can only strengthen our language of today. It can be riveting. It can take your far away.

Then, lo, I was not in Provo. Wasn’t anywhere near it. I went east well over an hour when I should have gone south. I’m hours away from I-15 in the middle of nowhere Utah. Actually, I’m in Helper, Utah, at a coffee shop right next to an astrology center… my, my how small-town Utah has changed.

Never in all my life have I gotten so off course. In all my life never have I been more oblivious – John Milton! But that’s ok. I believe in Providence. Helper’s interesting. It’s quite developed for tourism. I asked the lady at the coffee shop why so much money’s invested into this town, and she explained it’s on the route to Moab from Salt Lake. Makes perfect sense. Neat how little, local economies are.

Anyways, now that a new chapter in my life must come, after finding out yesterday my old job is no longer being available after this summer sabbatical of mine, I have more time. This hurt yesterday. Today, not so much.

Again, “providence”. Essentially, it’s believing God is the power sustaining and guiding human destiny, like the winds in war, or some turkey getting lost. I truly have no idea where I’m going to drive next. Probably Sedona. But I dunno. Don’t care either.