Look, I am not the expert on this. My impatience can get hot.

Once impatience manifests, my thoughts can certainly be accused of ignoring the above-mentioned words of Jesus Christ.

I do try to improve myself though. I do try to catch myself when my mind and mouth race forward with sentiments not the most holy. It’s especially hard when I hear Joe Biden speak. It’s equally hard when I hear the pundits on the Propaganda Matrix defending the evils and insanities Marxist Liberals are forcing down our throats, while also reviling those who call out their evil as evil.

Truly, the Times are Orwellian. How so many tens of millions cannot step back from their programming to see how much their minds have changed since being reared in more conservative times is a source of constant astonishment. It is also a source of anger.

No doubt the oligarchs who control the Matrix are my enemy. They seek to overthrow all that is holy, virtuous and sane. They seek to destroy the current order of the earth, and usher in a New World Order ruled, ultimately, by Satan himself. Those who have eyes to see understand this perfectly.

So, what I am to think of the millions of Americans who mindlessly follow the dictates of evil people? What am I to think of those who call good evil and evil good? What am I to think of those who are deceived to a point of advocating their and my destruction?

Pray for them. Even pray for their wicked masters.

Is that the only thing? No. You should stand up for your convictions. You should stand up for what is right. You should speak your mind to the point of social discomfort because that’s what the world needs more than anything. However, that is for other posts.

You should still pray for them.

Again, this is not to say I’m an expert on this subject, because I’ve so often let negativity cloud my judgement. It still does. However, in putting forth my best efforts to cut through the cloud of my emotions and conjure words of prayer for those who call evil good, one truth has shined through.

That truth is that forgiveness – grace – is perhaps the most powerful force in the world. As a friend once said, but I did not instantly grasp, “through forgiveness we awaken.” Through forgiveness we learn to see beyond veils to the heart of matters. We learn to see Truth.

Take the average liberal who goes with the flow, and parrots platitudes he hears on television, and throws out prefabricated insults liberally to reinforce his reality. Yes, there is the part of me that feels anger and revulsion for such a man. However, why would I not seek to forgive him?

Anger is easy. It’s a natural reaction, and when you’re reacting you’re not thinking. You’re not seeing his programming. You’re not seeing the parental rearing, the government schooling, the television watching, and whichever other stimuli his mind’s been subjected to. You’re not conceiving words of understanding that could be spoken and plant seeds in his mind that could undo his brainwashing. You’re diminishing his capacity to reconsider his way, and losing potential allies.

Does this mean I’ll never be harsh? Does this mean I’ll never be caustic? No. I’m not perfect.

But Christ told us to be perfect in Matthew 5:48. These words stick in my craw. They should stick in all of ours. That’s because the forced habit of forgiving folly born of pride, contempt and even malice builds understanding and grace. Striving for perfection is an obligation that should be deep in our hearts because, as you intuitively know to be true, a world of people striving for this will be a world far, far better.

God makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and makes the rain fall on the just and unjust. God graciously gives goodness. We should too. Our lesser qualities taint our judgement. We tend to be angrier than we should be. We tend to judge more than we should. We should proceed with this presumption about our sinful character in all dealings.

Truly, I think “love your enemy” are some of the most radical words ever spoken into the world, and they helped cement Christianity as the foundation of new civilization.

However, again, that doesn’t mean we should be weak or cowardly. Our words shouldn’t call evil good and good evil for the sake of peace. We shouldn’t bow down before the coming order of the world. We should fight it. We should speak our minds. We should stand our ground, even to the point of death.

How should the balance of loving our enemies yet calling out their evil manifest in our lives? Dunno. Each of our lives are different. Read the Gospels of Jesus Christ – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – for guidance. Christ was murdered for words spoken in love that called out evil.

Read Acts 7 for the discourse of Stephen who was also murdered for words spoken in love

The whole Bible is about this.