Of course, this title sounds ridiculous. But hear me out.

I’m not defending addiction to phones. I’m not defending addiction to social media. I’m not defending whichever civilization-ending behavior the internet is rendering.

However, there is one good thing, I say, Facebook did.

It has made certain people not feel so alone. I say this because it helped me not feel so alone, and I’m not that different than others. Let me explain using an example.

After 911 it was obvious that a large majority of Americans were believing the official government explanation of the murders. I never did. I never will. To my grave I will say it was a false-flag event designed to evoke patriotic fervor that was to be channeled for new wars in the Middle East.

This isn’t that hard a concept. After all, SOMEONE executed the murders. Why would is it so ridiculous to believe that people who smile at you on television weren’t the guilty? You don’t know billionaires. You don’t know their moral values. But 911 Truth is a topic for another time.

My point is that I encountered a lot of people who treated those who rejected the official story horribly. I’m not saying they weren’t good people. I’m not saying they weren’t Christians. But, I do think all those who mocked, reviled and excoriated those who wanted to speak the truth on this world-changing event are owed apology. I don’t think this is coming any time soon. However, it should come.

Truly, the government-believers tried to make people like me feel alone, stupid and crazy. However, Facebook, surprisingly, ameliorated this.

Social media helped connect “conspiracy theorists” with others. It helped connect Truthers with other Truthers. It made those who have known the news is fake for decades see that there are many more of us than what the mainstream gaslights us into believing. It made us feel less marginalized. It made us feel better.

It did for me. It did for others.

Of course, undoubtedly, it also opened eyes up for others who, for the first time through social media, were seeing alternate perspectives on reality. This too was a good thing. In fact, those alternate perspectives have become so powerful that now the bastards have to censor voices like never before, because trust in the mainstream is at all all-time low, and that trust will never be regained.

That, too, is because of social media.