“Named in honor of Christian Zabriskie, a prominent figure in the heyday of the Pacific Coast Borax Company…” (1)


Now, whichever website you go to, regarding “the best of Death Valley”, Zabriskie Point will be in the Top 3 of that list.

After procuring camp at Texas Spring – which is $16 a night and first-come-first serve – I headed straight to Zabriskie Point, for its colors close to sunset. I agree all visitors should go there.

Spent about an hour there. Got some photos. Though, I didn’t process these in Adobe Light Room, as I usually do. Just used whatever photo editor is part of whatever version of MS Windows my computer has. I’ll save the Light Room ones for other purposes.

Swirling vanilla colors meet chocolate mountains on the walk up.

It does look like chocolate and vanilla.

Remember, the quality of my photos ain’t so good on this blog. However, I do look forward to processing this one in Light Room.

Why do chicks always do the same thing? But that’s ok. Their vanity can be cute. But not all the time.

Washes and trails to walk.

Another trail to walk. I look forward to developing this in Light Room too.

I’ll prolly come back here before heading back to Arizona.

(1) http://www.nps.gov/places/zabriskie-point-scenic-viewpoint.htm