Every time I’m around television I become more convinced that those who spend hours a day watching it are brain damaged.

I’m not exaggerating.

It’s dog vomit. It’s idiotic, degrading, insulting, stupefying, and soul-killing. It’s meant to be consumed like Cheetos, Cokes and Snickers are meant to be consumed. It’s meant to kill your mind, body and soul.

I believe you lose basic awareness and sensitivity to the real world for prolonged exposure to its warped reality. I believe it’s so warped SPECIFICALLY to warp you.

Of course, those who watch it the most will defend it the most. They say they have a good filter. They can discern truth from lies. They don’t let the television affect them deeply. It’s merely for entertainment.

Sorry. Don’t buy it. The flickering sounds and images are designed to penetrate your filters and shields. They’re designed to impact your subconscious without your conscious mind aware of the impression they’ve made on you. The more you have the television on, the more you are subjecting yourself to those impressions. The more you are manipulated.

Frankly, I don’t understand how people can tolerate it for any duration of time. That’s why I say you must be brain-damaged to tolerate it. You become Beavis or Butthead. You become a character on Idiocracy.

You do.