We’re all different. My magic moment may not be yours.  But, maybe it would be.

What do I mean by “magic moment”?  It’s the moment when you realize you can lose weight.  It’s the moment when power possesses your soul, and you know with all your being that you are going to lose weight because you know keep up the regiment you’ve discovered that’s working.

The chronometer.com app on my phone has changed my life.  Chronometer made the magic.  Why?  How?


If you weigh every single morsel of food you put into your body (like with a $20 food-scale from WalMart), and if you log that food and its weight into the free chronometer app on your phone, you will see how many total calories you are consuming, and you will see how many grams of macronutrients – proteins, carbs and fats – you are consuming.

When you see the numbers, well, that was my magic moment.

Seriously, having the discipline to weigh literally every single morsel of food I put into my body, and seeing exactly how many grams of carbs I was putting into my body, magically empowered me to navigate my diet each and every day thereafter.  If I needed to hold back on carb consumption for the sake of maintaining a ketogenic diet, I knew exactly what and what not to put into my body.  Day after day, and month after month, this works like magic.

Of course, if you cheat, it won’t work.  If you go out to eat, and don’t weigh your food, it won’t work.  If you guess all the time, well, it probably won’t work.  If the aggravation of weighing and logging your food isn’t worth the effort, and you’d rather continue in obesity, well, sorry. You’re going to suffer. 

If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to count your calories, precisely.  

You’ve probably also got to go ketogenic.  The weight literally falls off.  That is, you’ve got to abstain from carbs, and force your body to depend on ketones from your own body fat and ketones from good fats you eat.  You’ve got to make your body depend primarily on fat for fuel. Joseph Mercola’s book Fat for Fuel changed my life.

Ketogenics isn’t a fad.  It’s using our body’s natural functions, as God intended, to keep ourselves fit and healthy.  You should understand it. You should know it. It works amazingly.