Without God how can you not be anything but evolved slime?

Seriously.  Without a Creator God, the assortment of elements that make up your body, mind and consciousness can only be accidentally amalgamated.  Your life is an accident.  You can say it has meaning, but, how can evolved primordial slime have a meaning beyond what you invent?  Once you are dead your meaning is dead.  It can only be this way.

I further this notion in a blog I wrote called Slimeball.

However, I wish to go beyond this now.  I wish to speculate as to why God created us in the first place, and why we were given free will.

Well, why do parents create children?  Is it not to experience a fuller life?  Is it not to see what is in your heart as you see what is in the heart of your children?  I’m not a parent, but, I think I’m dead on.

Well, what if God is not so radically different?  What if he created mankind for the sake of better seeing what is in his heart?  Is this notion so radical? 

Without free will we are robots and sleepwalkers.  We are perpetually motivated by forces completely beyond our control.  Our choices are an illusion.  Our lives are an illusion.

Thus, without free will, without a soul given consciousness – made in God’s likeness as Genesis 1:26 says – God can make us say “I love God.” God can make us praise His name, but so what?  You’re a robot.  Your will is not your own.  It’s like you programming Alexa to say she loves you every morning.  It means nothing.

Thus, as it seems to me, there must be free will for us to choose to love God, or not. .

Now, whether we praise him or not, he knows how worthy he is, regardless.  He is the Creator of the Universe.  He’s the one who formed the stuff that formed the stars and earth.  He’s the one who set in motion laws making all cells of all living things perpetuate life.  He’s the one whose creative power is infinitely incomprehensible.  Even in eternity we will forever be awed.

Frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, yes, he knows he’s worthy.  However, he wants us to say he’s worthy.  He wants us to say we love him, and are grateful for this gift of life, a thing so miraculous it only takes a little contemplation to make me wonder how anyone could ever think this is all an accident.

(Well… I certainly do understand why the world rejects God.)

This, I say, is why we have free will.  We must be free to choose or reject his sovereignty, and his love, and his salvation.