Of course, there are zombies and orcs. There are mindless, malevolent, Bolshevik revolutionaries among us. There are those who truly believe and profess the Woke ideologies promulgated by a multi-trillion-dollar axis of governments, corporations, banks, NGO’s, and other nefarious institutions.

Obviously, I’m not one of those stupid enough to think the Satanic ideology of Wokism is promulgated by that axis because the billionaires and trillionaires who control it love us. They don’t love us. They don’t care about you. They have different morals. They have different priorities. You’re just an ant to them. You’re just something to step on in their quest for power and glory – in their quest for a New World Order.

And that Order is Satanic. It’s meant to destroy. It’s meant to destroy every last vestige of the Christian West. It’s meant to destroy the truth that even the lowest individual is worthy in God’s eyes, and therefore worthy of possessing inviolable rights – like to life, liberty and property – that no government has the right to destroy. To me, the attack on Jesus Christ has always been to undermine the dignity of the individual, and to relegate us all to the status of animals to be lorded over by the state, like ranchers herding cattle.

And, I say, they’re using Wokism as a cattle prod. They’re using it to beat us over the head into silence. And by Wokism I mean the amalgamation of notions that stand reality on its head, which are, of course, ever more promulgated by the real Axis of Evil. Such notions include: there are more than two genders, men can have babies, all white people are racist, borders are racist, burning cities are peaceful protests, forced vaxxing is good, etc. You name it. You know what I’m talking about.

And they’re using it as a cattle prod. They’re using it to get you to shut your mouths by making you afraid to say – to declare – some of the most obvious truths of reality.

Think about this. How many millions of people – even red-blooded, gun-toting Americans – would be afraid to say to a full room of people that “THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS!”?

I can’t answer that. However, unfortunately, I don’t think the number is as high as some would like to say it is.

Now, of course, there are other things to be said to a full room of people. There are more illuminating things. But this one phrase makes my point. There are millions and millions of people who believe this fundamental aspect of sane reality – that there are only 2 genders – who, nonetheless, would be afraid to say such in a full room.

Why? Well, that’s not really the point right now. The point is that this literally insane state of mind – that there are infinite genders – is being forced upon us by a fear and dread of rebuke that all sane people should ignore. In fact, all sane people should laugh in the face of anyone who has the temerity to say something so perfectly worthy of nothing but contempt.

Should you be afraid to say “2 + 2 = 4”? Should you be afraid to say anything you believe is absolutely fundamental to reality? I don’t think you should. In fact, the world is a helluva lot better place when men and women with conviction speak their minds and go against the grain of established opinion. This creates that free-market of ideas from which the truth can be distilled. I can understand more fear of subjects requiring a more developed understanding of the world, like abolishing the Federal Reserve System. But I cannot understand grown men’s genuine fear of saying “There are only two genders” to a room full of blue-haired liberals.

Well… maybe I can. It’s the fear of looking foolish. It’s the fear of not having the right words to rebut arguments that sound sophisticated and intelligent. It’s also the fear that maybe the blue-haired liberal will make a point that will change your thinking.

Of course, studying the past, and reading books, and cultivating your mind are edifying endeavors to empower you with words to resist the evil ones. Knowledge is power. But if you prefer to spend your leisure time lounging on the couch, and drinking Bud Light, and watching sports, and talking about Netflix or whatever trivial crap that’s out there, you’re going to be more afraid to speak the truth because you may not even know what the truth is. You are that undiscerning. You’re also boring.

However, there comes a point where even if you have let your mind go to crap, you, as a human being, should still find within yourself the gumption and the words that encourage you to say something so basic and fundamental to reality like “there only two genders” and not care about the scorn and vitriol of Woke liberals.

You should find that gumption because, if you don’t, and if the millions of other individuals who are also afraid don’t, the world will become literally insane. Our generation and future generations will become so unrooted in reality that an entirely new one will be believed, and the bastards will have won.

That’s exactly what Orwell was trying to say. That’s exactly what Huxley was trying to say. That’s what thousands and thousands more have been trying to say – that 2 + 2 = 4 – because they too see that being forced to believe false reality is a path unto total societal destruction.

Literally, we are being bullied into mass psychosis. We are being conditioned to be afraid to speak basic and fundamental aspects of reality that mankind has believed from the beginning. They are forcing cognitive dissonance into our minds. Insomuch that we are afraid to speak the truth, especially the most simple and basic truths, the more we will accept insanities, and believe them, and so will future generations.

This will not end well.

Yes, there will be holdouts. There will be Winston Smiths. But most will become terrified to speak basic reality to the point where they will be afraid to even think it. They will be afraid to even think the truth. We will surrender our minds and souls to Satan and his New World Order. We will do this to get along, to get a paycheck, to avoid embarrassment, to avoid social pain, so on and so forth.

And the evil ones will have won.


FEATURED IMAGE FROM: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/97/New_Pride_Flag_by_Julia_Feliz_2018.png/640px-New_Pride_Flag_by_Julia_Feliz_2018.png