The previous two years have seen countless titanic stories completely ignored by mainstream media. They get away with this by constantly changing the headlines. There is always some new epic thing that requires undivided attention.

From the collapse of the Russiangate hoax, to the purported death of Jeffrey Epstein, to Hunter Biden’s laptop, to Fauci’s link to gain-of-function research at Wuhan, to the 2020 election fraud, the press is constantly changing the headlines to make people’s attention spans like that of a goldfish.

The truth is that they don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They don’t want us connecting the dots, and seeing the bigger picture where the truth lies. They want us mindless.

This isn’t exaggeration. If you’ve ever stepped back from the headlines, and looked at others who haven’t stepped back themselves, you see their minds absorbed in the milieu of drama and lights and sounds. You see them experiencing emotions diabolical people have willfully engineered to put inside the governed population for the purpose of keeping them distracted and stupid.

Over time, those who don’t step back, and thus keep their minds in the confusion, become heavily emotionally invested in the narrative de jure. What they have believed so far becomes a deeper part of them. It permeates their whole being.

Look at people driving with masks on, in their cars, by themselves, as one small example of what I mean.

They don’t want to think critically of their emotional investments – presuming they are capable of thinking critically in the first place – because those investments may prove to be deeply foolish. They don’t want to feel stupid for seeing how stupid they’ve been. They don’t want to admit it to themselves or others. They’re afraid of this.

But an even deeper fear they’re beholden to is the fear of change. What will change in their lives if they see their beliefs have been wrong for so long? Obviously they’ll have to change their beliefs if they see they’re wrong. And a natural result of changing beliefs will be a change in action.

But where will all this take them? What will change? This could be a terrifying process for some. It’s like standing at the abyss.

That’s were faith comes in. That’s where courage comes in.

But some will not have it. They would rather avoid the pain of a reckoning.

So they keep watching TV. They keep watching movies. They distract their minds with social media. They drink and do drugs. They do a thousand things to keep themselves from reality. And all this will only make that final reckoning all the more painful.

I think traditional RINO voting conservatives are going through this realignment on a far greater scale than ever before right now. I think they still have a lot to learn, because many of them were fooled for decades, and are afraid for reasons said above. But this change is coming. It’s part of the Silver Lining of 2020.

I think many liberals are too. I think many see the growing insanity of their collective ideology, especially with vaxx mandates and “men having babies.”

But there are still millions on both sides who only want to sleep. Reality is too painful. And all that can be done is to pray for them.

And forgive them too when they wake up.

After all, I want to be forgiven for waking up to the stupidity of many thoughts and actions about me.

We all want that.


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